Monday, January 17, 2005


A Different Time, A Different Place

Its almost another month, since i've updated my blog.

and this new one month has taken me to new places, with new happenings and new situations!!!
This trip to london came up quick and after a few nail biting moments, i got my visa stamped, on
one single page left out in my passport (getting an additional book would have taken atleast another 10/15 days
which would've meant the cancellation of this trip!), and with the invite letter arriving just after a weeks' delay,
(by then, the i'd almost given up the prospects of making this trip at all!!!)

And man, i get the visa, a day earlier than expected - and with a quick re-scheduling of the tickets,
was lucky enough to get them confirmed for the next day - and i did leave the next morning - dirty, quick and

and what a start it was!!!
I Got Sick..., just the night before - undigestion and throwing up... terrible feeling!!!

Pushed thru the trip, in the morning, with mum and dad terribly worried!
by Gods grace, thankfully, things started improving... over the days.
Thanks to all the medicines mum had packed up, and the first two days of starved stomach, with
a lot of prayers!

Man, being sick could have such unpleasent effects! whew!
both physically and more mentally!

But again, it was great time to be in london again, after almost an year and a half.

More on the london adventures later...