Saturday, December 30, 2006


A sad tiding!!!

one of my three angel fishes, is dead!
it has been a long time member of the family, almost an year old.

dad and mom are going to be very sad, to find it dead.
off late the fishes have become extended family and both of them have developed an affection to the fishes.

all was fine in the evening...
dunno what caused this.... sigh!!!


Exams ... Done and over with!

ah, what a relief...
well for sure my aching hands will agree.

out of the 4 papers, i wrote 3, and skipped one - microprocessors and architectures.
no whys and buts! that paper is for the next sem.
didn't want to give a half hearted try.

that aside, it was a pretty interesting experience.

Funny people, funny experiences @ the venue (if only one can call all that funny)
- a supervisor voluntarily coming out to help the majority of awestruck students by answering a 10 mark question
- and to help answer papers move around
- and to be blissfully ignorant of the very obvious folded "bits"
- girls, yes girls, so gutsy enough to get the subject books (??!@!!!) and copy from them directly
- icing on the cake, was this offer made to a fellow student who happened to have completed his exam in a puff and haven't performed well.
- he could choose to come over after the exam is over and all students are out and collect his paper - and can happily write the answers to his fill (with the text book of course) - in a venue thats absolutely mind blowing - in the principal's office at the exam venue!

can you believe it? believe it or not, this is my first hand experiences of evolution in exam hall practices, after a period of 9 years!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Exams!!! After almost 10 years!

Wrote my first PG exam, after almost 10 years.
felt like being in school all over again.
i still have my hands paining, thanks to writing nonstop for 2+ hours.

sigh!!! 3 more exams to go!
3 more days of pain.

oh and todays' exams were ok-ok.

wish only the paper evaluator, can understand my handwriting.
all will be evident, when the results are out! ;) hoping for the best.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Hannibal Barca - an Awe Inspiring saga - Master Strategist and Tactician

As i was preparing for my upcoming exams, today, (with the TV running in background) i accidentally got glued up to this full length documentary of Hannibal Barca, of Carthage, credited to be one of the finest commanders in history.

It was awe inspiring - the drive, the determination, the vengence and his strategy and much more! A heart wrenching story of such a moving human tale and what his own country did to him.

But the point that is making be write down this entry is different. It is his Strategies. He has been called famously as the "Father of Strategy" by the military historian, Theodore Ayrault Dodge and as well known to be a tactician of supreme capacity.

It is this mysterious pull of strategies and tactics, which lure me to get indulged. And hold an unknown charm to delve more deeper.
Yes, now i can put words finally to the abstraction in my mind as to what i want to see myself to be : A Strategist, A Tactician and a good leader.

This also triggers me to compile and read more about strategies.
A worthwhile cause to improve / keep me concentrated for a long time, i guess. ;)

me's getting started from here.

The picture perfect sony commercial...

Its stealing my heart...
The picture perfect, vibrant face of that modern age michaelangelo model in the opening shot...
the oozing music...
finger trumming drum beats...

The new sony walkman phones commercial is just AWESOME!
trying to fish out an video version for downloads online.

Anybody who knows/has a copy, please do let me know!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Sundar the Zipper?

Brigade Road Signal, until Suleh circle.
10.15 am

Ah not again - there goes another one... and another!
Sigh! I need to let them know.

I steer to my left and nudge my way forward up front, trying to reach that forgetful poor homo sapien on the motor with two wheels and his hands upon the rod, riding all forgetful, with his backpack glued to his back.

i reach out a position - on a horizontal line - to the guy in the motor - with a car seperating him n me....
and i honk.... once ... twice.... third and the motorist turns around right and left... and behind...

and whew - catches me - sitting inside the car and waving my hands up n down in an angle - and with a sudden realization... reaches back to his back pack - pulling it in front - to find ...

The ZIP (of his backpack) Wide Open! :)

bandah zips it up, turns back and drops a foolish smile thanking me, before he speds past the now turned green signal.
Sure it does make me feel happy in a peculiar way. esp. the foolish smile - cursing himself for being forgetful and thanking me.

And it didn't happen once but twice (two different motorists) within the stretch of Brigade road signal to suleh circle.

PS : The random title was my wandering mind's word play thru the drive to office. :D catchy rite?! LOL This isn't the first time me being a Zipper - it is kinda thing that happens on and off through my morning drive to office - many a days in the past!

Sridhar - A Past Reminiscence, back in reality

4.00 pm, 11th Dec 2006
Intercity Express, Erode

Am waiting to board the train, talking with my brother in law who had come to see me off. As i was talking, my wandering eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar looking face, standing in front of the adjecent compartment.

It was a face i knew well, from the past, the very intense eyes with fire in them, the thick moustache and manly presence of a tiger - sigh, it has to be him - Sridhar. from my old NIIT days.

But is it REALLY him? or is it somebody else... may be my eyes are playing tricks on me.
It has been awhile since i have seen him but i've not forgotten him nevertheless. Sridhar was one of those figures whom i can't ever forget in my career/life. And despite my efforts to track him back, i've never been able to manage to do that, as my ties with the old NIIT days were very thin. Apart from mahesh & nisar i've no information about the others.

well, i think i should find out. after all it will be a long 6 hours haul, from erode to bangalore. If it is HIM, then i just couldn't believe my luck to meet him.

The train has started now. i bid my good byes to my BIL and walk back to my seat. The compartment is half empty - thanks to the busy monday. I was supposed to be returning the previous night on a different train and not on this. Some tiredness has crept over me, forcing me to stay back an extra day and to take a day off at office. Hence, this travel today - in intercity.

I started reading the r.k.narayan's tamil transilation of 'swamy and friends', but as i read past the first couple of pages, my curiosity wouldn't let me sit still for any further. I better walk to the next compartment and check this person out. worst come, i could just say a sorry and walk back.

So, i go, searching for him ... to find him seated there with his friend.

Errr., hello, are you sridhar ... coimbatore NIIT... ?

He looks up to me, with a question in his eyes.... and a moment of hesitation... and...

Yes, i am. I am sridhar, of coimbatore NIIT. and voila, he recognises me after a fleeting moment of silence ....

Hey come on, sit, and what do you do these days? - He says.

ahha! what a wild streak of co-incidence and luck. am overjoyed. i sit opposite to him.... and after that the conversation was like a broken dam. We spoke and spoke for a long while - exchanging stories - of all the years past, since our days out of NIIT.

Quite a memorable short journey that was. And i was literally jumping in joy. Was really really happy after a long time.

Sridhar was a co-ordinator (Faculty) at NIIT during my studies in 92-94. I was just a kid then, 16 something and had started learning computers (without ever a clue of what can be done with them, apart from playing games! :) ). And the next six months' period changed all that. Computers & Software became the fascinating world and everything for me, a young boy bubbling with energy.

Sridhar was a charismatic figure, much more than a faculty teaching software. He was a source of inspiration. With the command of his technical knowledge, persona he used to exude confidence and power. And a jolly good fellow on top of that.

His teaching style was different - never bookish - he'd treat you always with recklessly casual attitude. Ask him a question, he'd bounce back with a challenge addressed in stylish slang, in a buddy mode - making you think - and then get the solution/answer out of yourself. :) Smart, witty and charming and arrogant too (many a times).

Sridhar, along with Periya Ravi (Ravikumar G), Chander, Kutti ravi, GS (Girija Shankar) - were the other inspiring faculties, each one unique in their ways, technically and as individuals, who meant a lot to this young lad @ 16 something. :)

And then came Sathish Toshkani (ex. faculty NIIT), Alfi (Alfred) with whom i worked for a brief period @ Dyadic Systems (my first ever paid job!)

My day was made. Am glad to be in touch with sridhar again. Pity though is such a talented person had been shaken and stirred :) in the hands of life. After all his adventures, he is now settled back in coimbatore running a soft skills training co., (did i mention he is awesome, with people?! He IS!) and running his own co. called FindMind.

Way to go Sridhar. Glad to be back in touch.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Old habits die hard?

10.20 AM
@ Suleh circle
A Maruti WagonR in front of me...
with a tag on the rear windscreen
- "A/C Vehicle"
- "No Hand Signal"

On the green light, the driver's hand comes out of the window, indicating a right turn!

Old habits die hard...
or perhaps the tag is for OTHER DRIVERS?!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


its just 3 weeks of gap and looks like eternity...

It is just 3 weeks since my last post and it already seems like a whole eternity...

Tons of Issues .... one after the other ... it was literally raining problems.
Most were to do with our infrastructure stuff.

And oh boy, what a nightmare it was! Am glad that all's been fixed and the dust settling down.

These three weeks have given me enough enlightment interms of responsiveness and the
Techie nitty gritties running a IT/Systems Dept.

inspite of all the quamls, i have to say I really loved the flow of adrenaline after a long time.

Thats about the office front!

Otherwise things are moving pretty good by god's grace and am awaiting eagerly to Jan 07,
for two Major Releases.

#1. My Junior (Exactly on my 30th year eve!)
#2. Release of Maya!


Sunday, November 19, 2006



My musings aren't yet over...
Here it is as it happened....
- Am sitting in a boring class (i better don't open my mouth for any objections in this particular class lest, i wish to become like marvin of HG2G)
- and trying very hard not to fall asleep
- all of a sudden i straighten up, thanks to a wake up call - a crisp, undoubtable "cock-a-doodle-do" - from a cockerel somewhere nearby!!

But wait, this isn't a night school nor is it anywhere near early morning...
its mid/late afternoon!

Call this to be Co-Incidence??!! ;)

Monday, October 30, 2006


Fight with smoking! Day #1

I've Quit Smoking.
Had done it in the past! and i can do it now as well! but this would be for ever!

Finally it has come to be a tug of war on my will power!
Its Smoking or Me?!! ;)

So far, from the beginning of the day, i've successfully avoided smoking (infact overcame the temptation!)
Whenever i feel like smoking, am going to Work harder - Think and write a piece of code! or learn a new thing from wikipedia.

More than the urge to smoke, it is the restlessness and urge to do something which needs to be tackled.
Let's see. will keep the progress posted.

The Delightful Oscar Tale - a tale of two oscars!

:) Catchy title! ain't it?!

Well as the title says it, this is the story of my two oscars - their youth, present and the future!
One of the two juvenile oscars survived and the other kicked the bucket for yet unidentified reasons! And that got me pretty sad!
The Surviving Oscar, i'd call him jack (Jack of titanic / Jack the ripper! / Jack sparrow of PoC) is doing all fine and has even grown an inch, with
a visible trace of his bulging belly and aggressive showoff stunts.

Jack's habitat got a bit murky over the initial couple of weeks, thanks to his messy eating habits and some mad fungi!
This combination had got the tank with a layer of swaying, dancing mossy threads and started getting yuk by the day (by the smells too!)
Finally i dragged up my courage to change the substrate gravel and replace it with beautiful greenish tinted stones with a nice dark, TT shaped bed room(?!!) for jack.

To my delight jack started improving and happily settled down over the weeks. He even somersaults out of the tank, esp. when he is hungry and i open the lid of the tank with his food still in my hand. :) Cool Aqua-batics! But his loneliness was always a nagging thing for me for multiple reasons! One is that i don't want him to become a brat being single! (lol. kidding!) After a futile search for the last couple of weeks' to find him a partner of his size, finally got a black tiger oscar juvenile to be jack's partner. i'd call her jill (or Rose may be?!). (Well, all this goes on the good assumption that Jack happens to be a guy and Jill happens to be a girlie! I ain't sure with the gender/sex of the fishes yet!). it'll take awhile!

But to my dismay i found jill to be a lil younger than jack, both in the size and attitude. From the moment i let jill in jack's habitat, he's behind her - mad! There are all elements of malasa here - flirting up fin to fin, darting past end to end putting up a speed show, rubbing noses, love(?!) bites, aquabatic chasing sequences, dancing around the rocks et al. And Jack is the one on the tail and Jill is on the run, always, and the tank has become alive with a lot of activity! :) One thing i've yet to decipher is if that's fighting foulplay or a playful dual in knowing each other!
Well, I'd get to know that for sure if i get to see jill alive when i get back home! lol! well, believe me, i haven't seen jack being so active, playful and aggressive as this far!

... Tales to continue

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Another Wicket Down! :(

Actually the day started pleasent, and i was in good spirits riding my way to office, thought crunching on the tons of things to be done!
Immediately after i reached my seat, in the next 5 mins, it happened!
K came over with full of enthusiasm to give me the horrendous info. totally unexpected news. K, one of the best of my team had been offered a lucrative, irresistable - a secure central govt., academic / research job!
A Catch 22 situation it was! Should i be happy as a person for K's achievement n honour and let him go or to be selfish and ask him to stay!

and Its always the tough choice for me!
Finally let him go, happily!

The choice leaves a vaccum within, for some reason!
May be am disappointed on the sudden loss / on having to digest the parting!
This is the third parting in the past 6 months!
I keep parting ways from people who are close to me. and I thought god had taken a break of his habitual fun on me, this way!

Sigh, i guess life goes on...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Movies wishlist

#1. Shawshank Redemption
#2. Good, Bad and the Ugly
#3. Schindlers List
#4. Pulp Fiction
#5. One Flew over the cuckoo's nest
#6. 12 Angry Men
#7. City of God / Cidade de Deus
#8. Once upon a Time in the west
#9. Amelie Poulain
#10. Memento
#11. Silence of the Lambs
#12. Fight Club
#13. Taxi Driver
#14. Apocalypse Now
#15. se7en
#16. Untergang / Downfall
#17. Das Boot
#18. Leon / The Professional
#19. Conspiracy
#20. The Pianist
#21. La Femme Nikita
#22. The Big Blue / Le Grand bleu
#23. Sin city
#24. Reservoir dogs
#25. The Manchurian Candidate
#26. Modern Times
#27. Amadeus
#28. The Odessa File
#29. Jakob the Liar
#30. Tea with mussolini
#31. Gandhi
#32. Passage to India
#33. Malcolm X
#34. The Last Emporer
#35. The English Patient
#36. Amen
#37. North by Northwest
#38. The Departed
#39. Monty Python and the Holy grail
#40. Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi / Spirited Away
#41. Willow
#42. The Great Escape
#43. The Seventh Seal
#44. 2001 : A Space Odyssey
#45. Cinema Paradiso
#46. The Elephant Man
#47. Blade Runner
#48. The Great Dictator
#49. Casablanca
#50. Wages of Fear
#51. Unforgiven
#52. V for Vendetta
#53. Monty Python Life of Brian
#54. The Battle of Algiers
#55. The Bicycle Thief
#56. The African Queen
#57. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid
#58. The General
#59. Run Lola Run
#60. Patton
#61. Glory
#62. Spartacus
#63. Finding Neverland
#64. The Grapes of Wrath
#65. Come and See
#66. Goldrush
#67. Judgement at Nuremberg
#68. Magnolia
#69. Big Fish
#70. Aguirre, Wrath of God
#71. La Haine

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Monday, October 09, 2006


Two beauties : New arrivals

Got my long time wish come true.
I got a pair of tiger oscars (juvenile) in my small tank. (a grown up oscar would be like this...)

but what i have now are both less than an inch each. :)
It is quite a joyful feeling to watch them gracefully dance along the tank.
am quite tempted to name them romeo and juliet!

I've always wanted to get a juvenile pair and watch them grow to their adulthood, acutely aware of the care and patience needed to raise them.
more can be found here

Friday, September 29, 2006


Stupid Thing! Got fooled for once!

Some nutcase (virus!!!??) had sent me an url, and me in all stupidity opened the url, which led me to a geocities page but what the heck, it was the yahoo/geocities login (cloned?).
Falling for the geocities-yahoo connection, unconciously i keyed in my yahoo a/c & password, just as it dawned upon me - hey wait, what am i doing? i didn't want to login to yahoo! this was a stupid url i had opened!!

Too late it was though!
That forced me to go back to my yahoo a/c and change the password immediately!
Such a pain.

I hate such tricks and normally smell'em and avoid'em a mile away!
But this time, am still digesting the fact that i fell for it, for once in all my stupidity! Sigh!

Every dog has its day!

C'est la vie!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Online Shopping : India

Friday, September 15, 2006


1st Anniversary Today!

365 days, gone - since my marriage!
Time Flies!

My team presented me with a nice sweet bouquet

and santhosh sent me this card

- made out of a pic from our earlier techno.trip :)

Monday, September 11, 2006



Well, my last post was about 3 weeks back and by god, these three weeks really seems to have been eons!
Quite a few happenings since then and a lot of action at workplace.

#1. Long time associate Sara, moves on to proceed a different carrer oppertunity. Last day was Sept 1.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


New Techie Blog!

I've kick started an all new Techie Blog, FishyWeb! And with an awesome CSS template! (of-course, the template wasn't my creation! thanks to 5thirtyone).

Long time dream! It's time to Share! :)
Wish me luck, folks!

Finally! uploaded my pics!

Today morning as i was browsing through my latest ajaxian rss feed, i found a mention of this new AJAX offering called "Twango"! At the first glance, i thought it was one other in the countless AJAX driven social sites, which keep mushrooming day in and out!

But wait, it turned out to be a pleasent surprise as i chose to give it a try. The features are awesome! Simple, elegant, fast, easy and straight forward. And all for FREE!

I'll have to write a seperate post enumerating all its features! :) my! me's started liking this site very much.
Well, it has atleast got me successfully motivated to publish all my collection of photos.

I just started with some selected pics from the NYC trip during may/june 2004.

check it out! check it out!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


a moronic message!!!

got a stupendeous sms from an unknown number, out of the blues!
the message contents was in an obscure tamil slang used between college guys.

so, a baffled me called up the number, as none of my friends use such language with me!
it turned out to be a confused youth, trying to converse with this friend 'bharath' aka ME!


anyways. i kept the phone down still baffled.
and i get a call back from the same 'youth' after a few mins... and apologising for the mistaken identity!

sigh! for some reason, i didn't get any mad at all, on this fella.
to err is human right! and i had better things to do than to shout at an unknown face!

accepted the apologies and let him go.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Tip # : Zeroing in on searches effectively

While trying to find info. on an topic, where you don't have any specific starting point or even a concrete phrase
to base your searches on, the following approaches might help.

Taking a case, wrt., our website data organization and the IA, i wanted to check out on the cataloging / organization of
data as a part of the study of library sciences and the search and retrieval process as that was the closest thing our
business need would match.

I remember to have read a specific kind of mechanism / numbering system / algorithm related to the categorization of huge
volumes of data. But the search was not going be easy, as the subject of my search itself was a non precise, vague rememberance at best described in my own words.

Not good .. Not any good at all.

So, what do i have in my hands? Just a few words to state precisely. and to begin with.

a. Library Science
b. Algorithm
c. Some kind of numbering system / Maths
d. Organization / Cataloging mechanism
e. Classification System

#1. Google for any of the various phrases
#2. Check out the wikipedia, for the subject you search (for ex. library science)
#3. Check out for online glossaries related to library science

and after hitting onto a library sciences glossary, voila, found what i wanted :

Dewey Decimal (DDC) scheme.

Whew! And it took a best part of 20-30 mins!

now getting deeper into Dewey Decimal Classification, it is becoming more clear that i can pick up some very interesting and releavent points which can be applied onto our business - but for achieving similar purposes - to organize, catalog and retrieve vast amounts of information, quick and easy. Oh yeah - the DDC also talks about retrieving related info., along with the exact!

Perfect - for our catalog ... taxonomy... and searches!

Okie, now am off ... delving into DDC for more!

(boy! this feels good)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Mark the days! History is being made! the glory days return! YES!!! DELPHI is back!

Beloved Delphi is back.
Turbo Charged!

A Very emotional moment, when i heard about Turbo Explorer!
Long live Delphi! :)
More on the new Dev co. here.

(PS: I Would love a chance to get mainstream in delphi again! Pray this wish comes true sometime in the future!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This day in Computer History!

Borland Software opens for business in
Ireland with three employees in August 1981. Borland incorporates in
California in May 1982 under the leadership of Philip Kahn. Through the
1980s and 1990s, Borland develops and releases highly regarded software
products such as SideKick, Paradox, QuatroPro, Turbo Pascal, and Delphi.

... And am indebeted (indirectly) to borland, for having developed delphi which has provided me my bread and butter, for the past 10 years!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Glimpses of Football Mania

Well, my intentions not being to instigate a rude shock for posting such a stuff,
the following link is something, i just couldn't keep my hands off writing about!

What and how to name this madness, i know not! check it out for yourselves : Война и мир на ЧМ по фтуболу - Окрошка

PS: that russian site is a treasure trove of tools! believe me! (if you can use your instincts to browse through the site inspite of not knowing russian!)

Technorati Tags:

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A Thanks for the ban!!!

ஆயிரம் நன்றிகள் - இந்திய அரசுக்கு!!! (and to the ISP's as well : ISP - ஜை தமிழில் எப்படி மொழிபெயர்ப்பது என்ரு தெரியவில்லை)

Found 'Tor' and 'FoxyProxy' because of the ban on reaching, so i could see my own blog! (let me be very clear, am most worried about accessing my own blog rather than being interested on viewing the controversial blogs, which caused the govt. to issue such a ban)!

Tor & Foxyproxy - the combo is such a beauty to work with!
Great way to proxy!

Am Elated

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

0 blogs blocked by indian isp's

From Yesterday onwards, the domain is no more accessable : Thanks to the indian government and the Indian ISP's.
Now i've to find ways / another blog server to move my posts.

Sigh! why does the govt. want to do that???!!!
What is going to be achived by this blockade?
Is this a mistaken move by the ISP's - blocking the whole domain instead of blocking a certain special blogs?

How long will it take for these blocked blogs to reappear in different servers, across the www?
How can this extra terrestrial intelligent prevent using public proxy servers to access the banned domains?
Is it not in the human nature, such regimentation will lead to finding ways to bypass these limitations (which could be more intimidating!!!)

Buliding dams over the www? eh?!!

Intelligent Babu's!!!
Foolish moves!!

When will this blockade be over?

Monday, July 17, 2006


Layoffs? Intel?

Intel's AMD Moment.
And a huge no. of 16,000 at that!
16,000 lives to be changed! whew!

Is this going to be a true thing? a bad bad death knell.

CEO and Senior Exec Blogs

I Found this, from niceguy eddie, a list of CEO and Senior Exec Blogs.
and more in ... here

I bet it is worthwhile reading!

Friday, July 14, 2006



After i started to blog in both tamil and english, i realise how much rustic and clumsy my grasp on tamil, has become.
What the heck, i can't fluently think in tamil and it dawned upon me that the de-facto language my thoughts are concieved are in English!
mmm, now, dunno if that is good or bad.
(for the curious question of how this realisation dawned upon me out of the blues - well, if you think fluently, you can pen fluently and since i was trying to pen my thoughts in tamil, i realised how clumsy i've become!!!)

But i certainly realise one thing .... it is time to brush up my basics on the linguistics front.

செந்திலுக்கு ஒரு அழகான பெண் குழந்தை...

To follow up with my previous post,
செந்திலுக்கு ஒரு அழகான பெண் குழந்தை பிறந்த்துள்ளது.
நேற்றிரவு, 8 மணி அளவில்!!!
More details, will follow once senthil touches base again!
It should be a wonderful feeling to be dad, i suppose! i can try to imagine for now! :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006


செந்திலுக்கு ப்ரமோஷன்

:) செந்திலுக்கு ப்ரமோஷன் கிடைக்கப் போகிறது.
இன்றோ-நாளையோ அப்பாவாகப் போகின்றான்.
இருவருக்கும், ஓரு நாள் இடைவெளியில் திருமணம். And more similarities.
(எனக்கும் கிடைத்திருக்க வேண்டும் - ப்ரமோஷன்!!! ஆனால், இறைவனின் சித்தம் வேறு விதமாக உள்ளது. But anyways, it is not
something i would regret. He has already blessed me again. என்ன, இன்னும் ஒரு ஏழு மாதம் காத்திருக்க வேண்டும்.
அவ்வளவுதான்) ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Aiyoo Kadavule!

More to be found here ... aiyoo!!!

First tamil post

இது என் முதல் தமிழ் வலைப் பதிப்பு. தமிழில் என் வலைப் பதிப்புகளை வடிப்பதற்க்கு நான் உபயோகித்து வந்த w.bloggar மூலம்
இயலாததால், புதிதாக zoundry blog writer என்ற மென்பொருளை பயன்படுத்த வேண்டியாயிற்று.
But it just feels Awesome at the end of the exercise!!!!
வார்த்தைகளில் விவரிக்க முடியாத உணர்ச்சி.
ஒரு இனம் புரியாத மகிழ்ச்சி. :) ஏதோ கிடைத்தர்க்கு அரிய பொருள் கிடைத்தாற்ப்போல்!!!

நன்றி : eKalappai 2.0 from

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Currently Reading...

#1. The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley (IDEO) - A Very stimulating and thought provoking book.
#2. Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins
#3. The Google Story

Other books to be read :
#1. The Ten faces of innovation
#2. Dealing with darwin
#3. Seeing whats next
#4. Thoughtless Acts

Friday, July 07, 2006


Another curious coincidence??!!

I found this visitor, having bumped on to my blog and out of curiosity i visited back his blog.

To my surprise, this blog turned out to be full of internal conversations and thoughts that runs on one's mind. like as if, providing an interface to one's mind.
In particular i enjoyed this post ... "From Absolute to Relative **". and for a moment, that sounded like reading myself - my own thoughts.
and what more curious was that, thought sequences i've had within myself, but never could put on the web was out there!!!

This exactly would be how i would have put to pen, of the thoughts and conversations with myself.
Any possible connections?

PS : Oh, here's more to his blogs:
Mystery of Existance
Pre-Blog Writings
Transdual View
Society & Ecology


A Quote i got in my mailbox today, exactly capturing my frame of mind in its present state.
Call it co-incidence. :)

"Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough."

Henry Royce (1863-1933)
English industrialist, co-founder of Rolls-Royce

Thursday, July 06, 2006



Quite a Day! Quite a Day!
Arguments, Issues, Confrontations, Firings, Survey, Meetings et al.
Too much action for one single day!

Lost my temper, Was damn so angry, skipped lunch and finally met with FT to reach some conclusion.
I Wish i could be more expressive on this but, well, i'll stop with this!

Friday, June 30, 2006


am dazzled!!!

While Cluster Maps reports 302 visits, until today from 12th June,
while Statcounter reports otherwise. Wierd!

Furthermore, just figured out the visitors are hardly on the page for a minute before they move away.
Interesting stats!

Thanks to

Thanks to The Free Dictionary, i've added some content to the blog. My blog looks nice now :)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Discovered An awesome free reporting on the blog visitor statistics.
May be i'd learn on something to improve the visitors to the blog page.

afterthought : should i do this for a seperate blog? let me think that out.
Just cooked up a new idea, late last night.
May be i should take the steps to bring that idea to life.

Software kaadhalan software kaadhalikku yeludhiya kaditham

Oru software kaadhalan than software kaadhalikku yeluthiya kaditham

Found this on a random browsing on blogspot. very sweet! very innovative.

PHP Interactive - an interactive shell for PHP

PHP Interactive - an interactive shell for PHP

Cool Stuff here!
Just downloaded. i hope this should help a lot in our development.
let's see what are the limitations and issues that crop up!

It starts a trickle ... and ... well, its better to keep an eye open

Apple Out & Forresters' Voice
"" Uneasy with the high attrition and wage inflation in India's IT and related sectors, many MNCs are mulling to exit their captive units here, says international market research company Forrester Research Inc. ""

Pervasive Logs out
"" The Austin-based Pervasive that offers data infrastructure software, said that it was shutting down its Bangalore-based subsidiary because of high costs of labour and other factors in the market. ""

Not to sound alarming / pessimistic, happened to read out a column in the times of india, today's edition on the rising employee costs in the IT Sector and Heavy attrition. The column says indian employees cost 80-85% of the US Cost.

Can we do something about it?!

Thursday, June 22, 2006



I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mgmt. : Words of Wisdom : #2

#1. Don't declare open your position in public, especially when you have taken the subject of debate / a comment made by a peer personally!

#2. Contain your emotions (if your blood happens to boil with others' demeanor) if not able to curtail it. Discuss later with the relevant heads, one on one!

#3. Never ever lose the objectivity of the point being discussed, and win by approaching objectively.

Monday, June 19, 2006



One after another, rain the bouts of emotions.
Couple of weeks back it was with V [and was solved after a confrontation] and now (last saturday) it was a showdown @ h.

I don't (read it can't) have the mind / strength to restate the happenings here, but for expressing that it was a horrible, horrible torrent of words and raw emotions - uncontrolled.

Left it up to the hands of the one atop, to worry about but with a request to keep me sane!!!

Dear K, I Surrender! Total and Un-conditionally! Am left with no more strength that such bouts take!
Please, Please, Please save me!

This day, the 17th of June, 2006 will ever remain a day to be never forgotten in my entire life!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Wishlist : My kind of movies...

Thanks to Global Consciousness!
The following movies are on my wishlist now :

Brazil, 1985
naqoyqatsi, 2002
Harold and Maude, 1971
Momento, 2000* => Ghajini in tamil


My City... which am proud of and errrrr... my statesmen whom i love to hate

Why Deve Gowda is bad for Bangalore : by S Raghotham
Secular "Evil"?

A MUST read article.
have to laude the authors' bravado to voice it out open.
the article syncs in with my thoughts on the dumb and stupid claims HDDG had made on murthy/infosys.


Monday, June 12, 2006


taking a peek into google's robot???

Bumped across Google's own robots.txt, while on a search Url Exclusionurl exclusion robot.

An interesting find.
you should explore the contents... may be, just may be, you'd get to find some interesting tidbits you'd not known earlier.

:: sivaramasundar


Day before yesterday, Saturday (10.06.2006) me and venu had ventured out on a commercial st., stray walk after quite a looooooooooong time. (well, yes - all the earlier misgivings and misunderstandings were patched by now. :) )

As to continue with my reading spree of the mythical fiction, I wanted to get the The Bartimaeus Trilogy of jonathan stroud. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a piece with my regular vendor. bad luck. but wait, something else caught my eye. The Google Story.

I Picked up book by impulse and ran running through a few pages by random. I was tempted. Though i was in a very mood to pick up a book of fiction, i settled upon this one. Awesome read, i have to say. One hell of a story it is. :)

Already started loving this book and this would change my previous opines on google as a company and its young founders.
More than anything it is awe inspiring. No much words to express the mix of feelings, as i read on the story. i've already completed 80pages through the book on sunday, even as i had to steal bits and pieces of time as you can imagine how it is in an traditional indian household, to be able to left on your own... esp. on a weekend. SIGH!! :)

:: sivaramasundar

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Demo : Aftermath : cum Laude

And on 6th of June, the demo went on, smooth and flawless.
All of the team, heaved with a sigh of relief.

Good words recd., in return for all the hard efforts put.

Well, now this is no way the end of a fairytale.
This is just the beginning...
The actual 'summa cum laude', will be by end of august / september,
when the whole system stabilizes and goes live.

Quite a road to travel until then.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Demo on maya : Nail biting moments

scheduled a demo on maya, for J by 3.00pm today.
just moments before 3.00pm, a major part of the app failed to work.
all of us rushed back, digging down into the sources to find the source of the bug.
after 30mins of fighting we nailed it down to the newly included logger.
comment the logger and all works fine.
OMG! i went almost paranoid.

and invariably we missed the 3.00pm demo.
pushed it further and by then J had become busy.

waiting for him to turn up now...
until this demo goes smooth, the traces of tension would still remain...
(though the paranoid feeling has been gone and done with!)

Got adsense!

:) Got an google adsense a/c for my blog. finally!
Now got to beef up the content here!
am excited.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Should Friends(hip) be this difficult?

It was V's b'day on the 28th May.

Me, A & V along with P had planned to go out for a dinner. well, the actual plan was thus:

- V leaves ofc and reaches city by 6+
- So does me and A
- P was held up and could not commit a time. It was not a worrying thing with P's plans as he was an unexpected guest.
- K, (i should aptly call him - the MVM [Maamiyaar veetu Maapillai], as he chooses to have a velcro relation with his inlaws' afte marriage) - knowingly / unknowingly had responded as good as an outsider, when V had called him up earlier that day. As a close friend V was terribly hurt by K's response (or the lack of it) and his expectations had taken a terrible hit.
- In between this melee, me and A plan for something else : which is - We will go to temple and then to the blind school to distribute sweets and then off to a nice restaurant for dinner. [i had chosen three rest. after quite a search]
- It was 5.30 and i call up V.
- To my surprise and alarm, he cancells the whole evening's plan, giving his trademark avoidance trick by blaming it on the work.
- I feel pathetic. and Let it go, not knowing what exactly has caused this. And after this, V stops responding to my calls.
- I Call up A and tell him what happened. He is baffeled. V decides to withdraw into his shell and avoid all of us. And he doesn't pick up A's calls either.

Sigh!!! Quite a Day... Quite a Birthday indeed.
V's birthday gift still is lying at home. God knows when we are gonna be able to give him that.

It was actually after two days' time. i got to know what had triggered all this.
And one way it is alarming, to see the sensitivity of V in action - at its all time high!

Top #2 reasons for the debacle:
#1 V expected it to be a family event, and i had said it would be a bachelors' event as my family was not in a situation to take part (atleast for then)
#2 V was pissed off by K's (un) responsiveness. - (K has no justifications here - he's been married for 1.5 yrs now and running - his importance to his inlaws' has resulted in total negligance of friends)

And V had never mentioned his expectations on #1 - especially when he knows everything that's happening in my family.
I seriously don't see a reason why and how he can be so un-understanding the above point.

In the whole, V had successfully managed to spoil his own B'day and alongwith putting me and A in a fix, nowhere comforting by any means.
And what the heck, he's getting deeper into his shell with all the negative thoughts, churned out as a by product of the initial debacle and doesn't want to see matters by the mind and insists not to understand and to remain so in the negative phase.

Why do people expect to be understood without being communicative / expressive?
Why do people have unsaid expectations, on top of the bad communication and let themselves be affected and in the process, all others surrounding them?

Should friends(hip) be this difficult?
Time alone can reply. and perhaps!

Friday, June 02, 2006


To Google:

Added my blog sitemap to google. :) via google sitemaps on 29th May 2006.

Also, applied for google adsense today [for this blog].
Curious about how it works.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


do you want to see your website as a beautiful flower?

An interesting way to look at your site (or for that matter any other site on the web, to see how it is organized)!Aharef: Websites as graphs

The author has used processing, traer.physics to bring out this beautiful rendering!

Well Worth a look!

Hey geek, let's SWARM!!!

Are you a geek?
Are you curious about the web?
Are you inquisitive?
Are you the kind to mine ideas and deduce patterns from cloud formations and flowering blossoms?

Well, i think SWARM is for you!

Check out!
Swarm the dot com

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A New Search Client

Quintura : A New tool to embrace the natural search as performed by a human mind.

5 problems with today's web search
Quintura - Download

just downloaded this client... looks promising.
will post later how this helps me in my searches.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Time to leave?

LP came up with a news today. He has got a good offer : from a midsized s/w dev. firm with a good position and a good salary offer. (approx. 40% hike from his present package).

As a manager, i need him and treasure him, inspite of my stingy appreciations and raising my bar of expectations everytime. But as a friend i want him to prosper in life and to go places. Also, as a manager, i don't want to block his career progress. Well, Not an easy decision to make. But for sure, i've got to make his exit a smooth one with his credentials intact and a win-win for both him and the organization.

Time should tell...

Friday, May 26, 2006


Looking back....

Something triggered me to run on my own blog archieves.
i was curious... to read what i've blogged over the time...
and well, it was neither a very impressive penning nor a disappointment.

the blog entries are miniscule windows opening upto the memoirs and glimpses of my own life.
need to do this more. on a daily basis - if not, atleast weekly!!!


M is recovering if not a bit slow, after the last week's disasters. Her blood sugars are under control now and following the diet & time.
Though she is still not back to her normal self.

In the process of her treatment, i had taken her to diacon, the diabetic speciality clinic in rajajinagar 1st block.
Man, had to say god was with us and he guided us to the right place at last, if not after all the sufferings.

A Humane clinic, with a humane treatment - they exactly knew what they were doing - the right things for a diabetic patient.
Right from food to the medications and to all the questions we had. They have a very nice presentation on diabetes which they play to all the patients, explaining the what's, why's, when's and how's along with do's and don'ts very patiently.

Spoke to the doctor, arvind, on contributing to the community of diabietics - anything that is possible from my side.
planning to launch a website / a patient friendly portal for diabetics.

Race, Jealousy

Found a novel way to keep me updated on the www happenings of ajax, javascript. - Google Alerts! cool and very useful.

Looking at the pace of ajax frameworks being churned out, makes me feel jealous one side and on the other side adds to the fire within to do something solid.

It has really been almost a year since i did any end-to-end development, if not for the bits and pieces of r&d i do.
tres mal! gotta act!!! and soon.

Good News Today!

S made me so happy today with the news : Junior Me is on the way.
9 months is going to be a long wait.
:) je suis heureux!!!

Pray the almighty, to provide S with all the strength and will.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


What a beautiful day, it is today!!

A Warm, Pleasent and sunny morning.
Traces of rain over the night still fresh, with moist air, ah, this is just a perfect good ol' bangalore day!
Not too sunny, neither cold or rainy.
A picture perfect day to lay down in the open air and to laze with a nice book and tea.

Thanks to sindhu @ radiocity, adding to the pleasent start with the choice of my favourite songs on air :
Chappa chappa, Rang Rang Rangeela, Kudi meri ...
That was a pleasent surprise, a bonus to such a great day.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

0 - Sidewalk Drawings

Awesome sidewalk drawings!Look out for the last one (Batman & Robin) to the end of the page!


Monday, May 15, 2006


Diabetes India
found this very detailed helpfuls site on the net.
the instructions & info. provided looks very promising and am going to try it out for mom.
let us see how it helps.

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Friday, May 12, 2006



Cool resource.
Single source for way many links.
Quite interesting. Resource Linkage

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Friday, May 05, 2006


Blasted Moods

Not a very cheerful day it is, today!
- Struck by bouts of nostalgia (happened to be rummaging thru my pocket harddisk for something)
- Too many small things to be organized in a clear flow to speeden the current development
and much more!

Am angry on myself, for no apparent reason!
Am bugged, irritated and totally out of focus!
I hate this phase whenever it happens!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Troubles of the Fishy kind!!!

This happened a couple of days before.    Monday, May 1st to be precise. Dad bought a new fish bowl (in addition to the two aquarium we have), out of the blues.

I've to tell here why he bought it so. Longback, when the aquarium was set up, i had got along a few cichlids (locally known as the "blue morph"). These cichlids are quite territorial in nature and are rather aggressive and at times - ferocious. This had prevented dad in introducing any new fishes. (I'd given up going near the aquariums since dad started showing interest!) and thus, for the past cpl of months' dad had wanted to get rid of these cichlids.

back to our story, dad moved the cichlids down to the bowl, and i could do nothing but watch hopelessly and help him do that! (Resistance is futile you see!!!).

And the thrid evening after this relocations, i found the bowl empty to my dismay. To my shock, mom told me the cichlids had kicked the bucket just the day after they were relocated.

Sigh!!! Arrrrrggggghh!

I've got them when they were merely a few cm's in length and to watch them grow to a cpl of inches (almost 4-5) over a years' time. Sad to see them gone!

But now, as the saying goes, all is for good, my main aquarium is free of any aggressors (apart from a tiger barb) and is all set to play host for a melange fishy community.

Well, that is not all to the fishy troubles... there's More that happened on that fateful day. I'll write about soon as find more time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Books i want to Read:

India Divided: Diversity and Democracy under Attack (Paperback)
by Vandana Shiva

Friday, April 21, 2006


Mgmt. : Words of Wisdom : #1

I have always wanted to capture the words of wisdom that my boss showers upon me, whenever am facing a problem and approach him with it. Lot many of these pearls were lost, to be buried in my mind and applied while facing a particular problem. Henceforth, am going to capture these here in my blog (for my own reference and for the benefit of my readers).

Problem #1.
Your peers / superiors bypass you (intentionally / un-intentionally) to reach your subordinates and forget to keep you in loop.

Solution #2.
  1. Make sure the sub-ordinate informs you [officially] of such communication / requests before he processes / acts upon it. (you have to earn this privilege within your team, though)
  2. Have him/her to reply back to you, copying the original requestors in the cc, as to what he is supposed to do & asking for your guidance.
  1. This shows your peers / superiors, that they have not done the right thing by bypassing you to your sub-ordinate
  2. This shows your team depends upon you for guidance
  3. Reminds everybody involved about the existance of the process & etiquitties everybody should adhere to
  4. Avoids any undercurrents and puts the requestors off balance, with no other way to respond but communicate to you directly

Monday, April 17, 2006


Bangalore? Silicon Valley? BOOOOOO!!! Where ARE we?

13th Apr 2006
Bangalore burns!

  • 8 people killed
  • Over 250 Injured
  • An estimated $160 Million loss
  • Vehicles set to fire
  • Mob on crazy, mindless rampage
Rajkumar's demise comes as a loss, true!
But the aftermath, the mindless rage and violence raises many disturbing questions!
The IT City with 6 Mil. ppl., came to a standstill for the next two days. UnImaginable.
Crores of loss.
And the inability of the police force to control the mob was so edivent and shocking on the live broadcast.
In fact, the police was running for their dear lives out of a bus being stoned by the mob.

To watch the vehicles burn and the cheering mob surrounding the burning vehicle was literally a bunch of monkeys around a bonfire - mindless, thoughtless, sadistic, moraleless, braindead, illiterate.
As a vehicle owner myself, i could just imagine the plight of the poor owner.
And my blood boils!
The impact is not very healthy - money apart, the stress, fears, hate, anger, and the rage of emotions triggered by such displays!

None of the so called "fans", who were on the rampage showed any trace of the thespian's loss / sadness but rather cheering and jumping monkeylike running around throwing stones and wrecking havoc.

What "fans" would not oblige to the pleadings of Dr. RajKumars' sons / wife, to let them do the last rites in peace?

How safe are "we" - "the comman man", the tax payer, the so called mass, in this democratic country?
How will there ever be any sanity, with this kind of mass?
What can be done to bring in the self awareness among such mob on rampage?

Are we as people so mallable, that anybody can provocate such sporadic violence???!!!

Democracy by definition is
   - of the people,
   - by the people and
   - for the people.

Does this apply for anything on the name of democracy?
Violence included???!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


One Hundred Lessons for Project Managers from NASA


A Interesting read from niceguyeddie's blog.

100 Lessons for Project Managers, from NASA

Some of them are very much applicable to what am doing.
Got to read & Contemplate in depth. Got to steal some time to read this at home!

Reading now...


Reading the "Eldest", sequel to the "Eragon", by Christopher Paolini.
I had finished reading Eragon during feb and had been wanting to read the sequel since then.
Finally, last sunday i managed to get myself a cheap copy of the "Eldest", from a roadside bookseller after a fine bargain.

I Somehow love the magical, adventure filled realms created by the skilled words and imagination of these writers. JRR Tolkiens' words are the most captivating when it comes this kind of writing. No words to express the excitement of living in that imaginary realm.


Updated to the latest version of HelpNDoc. => v1.81
this is a cool tool for creating chm files / html help. IBE Software - HelpNDoc
Quick and fast creation using keyboard.
PS: i hardly ever use my mouse. ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Countries visited [including the ones i've just set my foot on]

Whew! Doesn't it feel good??!!
but then, there's another 94% of the world left to explore!
some day before i die - i should atleast cover 70%.
(:D) God willing, i'd love to have this dream come true!

Visited Countries

Countries i've visited so far. [14 countries (6%)]
2006.04.10 [14.43]

I fixed this wierd problem on my thinkpad today. (atlast)
my sound card stopped working suddenly! (Soundmax pro, which is part of the T43) But the funny thing is WinXP - Device Manager reports all is fine.

But the "sounds and audio devices" has all the tabs & options disabled. To think of touching the drivers / reinstallation is like having a heart attack, since my T43 is loaded with goodies collected over a period of time and it will take me a good full week to restore my system to normal after a reinstall.

after breaking the heads and googling over, finally found the solution!
and a :) pretty simple / stupid one, as such!

A week earlier, i had disabled the "Windows Audio" service (which had caused me all this trouble). I just restarted the service and bang, all's normal again. My sound card is working like a song!

a lesson learnt!