Saturday, December 30, 2006


A sad tiding!!!

one of my three angel fishes, is dead!
it has been a long time member of the family, almost an year old.

dad and mom are going to be very sad, to find it dead.
off late the fishes have become extended family and both of them have developed an affection to the fishes.

all was fine in the evening...
dunno what caused this.... sigh!!!


Exams ... Done and over with!

ah, what a relief...
well for sure my aching hands will agree.

out of the 4 papers, i wrote 3, and skipped one - microprocessors and architectures.
no whys and buts! that paper is for the next sem.
didn't want to give a half hearted try.

that aside, it was a pretty interesting experience.

Funny people, funny experiences @ the venue (if only one can call all that funny)
- a supervisor voluntarily coming out to help the majority of awestruck students by answering a 10 mark question
- and to help answer papers move around
- and to be blissfully ignorant of the very obvious folded "bits"
- girls, yes girls, so gutsy enough to get the subject books (??!@!!!) and copy from them directly
- icing on the cake, was this offer made to a fellow student who happened to have completed his exam in a puff and haven't performed well.
- he could choose to come over after the exam is over and all students are out and collect his paper - and can happily write the answers to his fill (with the text book of course) - in a venue thats absolutely mind blowing - in the principal's office at the exam venue!

can you believe it? believe it or not, this is my first hand experiences of evolution in exam hall practices, after a period of 9 years!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Exams!!! After almost 10 years!

Wrote my first PG exam, after almost 10 years.
felt like being in school all over again.
i still have my hands paining, thanks to writing nonstop for 2+ hours.

sigh!!! 3 more exams to go!
3 more days of pain.

oh and todays' exams were ok-ok.

wish only the paper evaluator, can understand my handwriting.
all will be evident, when the results are out! ;) hoping for the best.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Hannibal Barca - an Awe Inspiring saga - Master Strategist and Tactician

As i was preparing for my upcoming exams, today, (with the TV running in background) i accidentally got glued up to this full length documentary of Hannibal Barca, of Carthage, credited to be one of the finest commanders in history.

It was awe inspiring - the drive, the determination, the vengence and his strategy and much more! A heart wrenching story of such a moving human tale and what his own country did to him.

But the point that is making be write down this entry is different. It is his Strategies. He has been called famously as the "Father of Strategy" by the military historian, Theodore Ayrault Dodge and as well known to be a tactician of supreme capacity.

It is this mysterious pull of strategies and tactics, which lure me to get indulged. And hold an unknown charm to delve more deeper.
Yes, now i can put words finally to the abstraction in my mind as to what i want to see myself to be : A Strategist, A Tactician and a good leader.

This also triggers me to compile and read more about strategies.
A worthwhile cause to improve / keep me concentrated for a long time, i guess. ;)

me's getting started from here.

The picture perfect sony commercial...

Its stealing my heart...
The picture perfect, vibrant face of that modern age michaelangelo model in the opening shot...
the oozing music...
finger trumming drum beats...

The new sony walkman phones commercial is just AWESOME!
trying to fish out an video version for downloads online.

Anybody who knows/has a copy, please do let me know!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Sundar the Zipper?

Brigade Road Signal, until Suleh circle.
10.15 am

Ah not again - there goes another one... and another!
Sigh! I need to let them know.

I steer to my left and nudge my way forward up front, trying to reach that forgetful poor homo sapien on the motor with two wheels and his hands upon the rod, riding all forgetful, with his backpack glued to his back.

i reach out a position - on a horizontal line - to the guy in the motor - with a car seperating him n me....
and i honk.... once ... twice.... third and the motorist turns around right and left... and behind...

and whew - catches me - sitting inside the car and waving my hands up n down in an angle - and with a sudden realization... reaches back to his back pack - pulling it in front - to find ...

The ZIP (of his backpack) Wide Open! :)

bandah zips it up, turns back and drops a foolish smile thanking me, before he speds past the now turned green signal.
Sure it does make me feel happy in a peculiar way. esp. the foolish smile - cursing himself for being forgetful and thanking me.

And it didn't happen once but twice (two different motorists) within the stretch of Brigade road signal to suleh circle.

PS : The random title was my wandering mind's word play thru the drive to office. :D catchy rite?! LOL This isn't the first time me being a Zipper - it is kinda thing that happens on and off through my morning drive to office - many a days in the past!

Sridhar - A Past Reminiscence, back in reality

4.00 pm, 11th Dec 2006
Intercity Express, Erode

Am waiting to board the train, talking with my brother in law who had come to see me off. As i was talking, my wandering eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar looking face, standing in front of the adjecent compartment.

It was a face i knew well, from the past, the very intense eyes with fire in them, the thick moustache and manly presence of a tiger - sigh, it has to be him - Sridhar. from my old NIIT days.

But is it REALLY him? or is it somebody else... may be my eyes are playing tricks on me.
It has been awhile since i have seen him but i've not forgotten him nevertheless. Sridhar was one of those figures whom i can't ever forget in my career/life. And despite my efforts to track him back, i've never been able to manage to do that, as my ties with the old NIIT days were very thin. Apart from mahesh & nisar i've no information about the others.

well, i think i should find out. after all it will be a long 6 hours haul, from erode to bangalore. If it is HIM, then i just couldn't believe my luck to meet him.

The train has started now. i bid my good byes to my BIL and walk back to my seat. The compartment is half empty - thanks to the busy monday. I was supposed to be returning the previous night on a different train and not on this. Some tiredness has crept over me, forcing me to stay back an extra day and to take a day off at office. Hence, this travel today - in intercity.

I started reading the r.k.narayan's tamil transilation of 'swamy and friends', but as i read past the first couple of pages, my curiosity wouldn't let me sit still for any further. I better walk to the next compartment and check this person out. worst come, i could just say a sorry and walk back.

So, i go, searching for him ... to find him seated there with his friend.

Errr., hello, are you sridhar ... coimbatore NIIT... ?

He looks up to me, with a question in his eyes.... and a moment of hesitation... and...

Yes, i am. I am sridhar, of coimbatore NIIT. and voila, he recognises me after a fleeting moment of silence ....

Hey come on, sit, and what do you do these days? - He says.

ahha! what a wild streak of co-incidence and luck. am overjoyed. i sit opposite to him.... and after that the conversation was like a broken dam. We spoke and spoke for a long while - exchanging stories - of all the years past, since our days out of NIIT.

Quite a memorable short journey that was. And i was literally jumping in joy. Was really really happy after a long time.

Sridhar was a co-ordinator (Faculty) at NIIT during my studies in 92-94. I was just a kid then, 16 something and had started learning computers (without ever a clue of what can be done with them, apart from playing games! :) ). And the next six months' period changed all that. Computers & Software became the fascinating world and everything for me, a young boy bubbling with energy.

Sridhar was a charismatic figure, much more than a faculty teaching software. He was a source of inspiration. With the command of his technical knowledge, persona he used to exude confidence and power. And a jolly good fellow on top of that.

His teaching style was different - never bookish - he'd treat you always with recklessly casual attitude. Ask him a question, he'd bounce back with a challenge addressed in stylish slang, in a buddy mode - making you think - and then get the solution/answer out of yourself. :) Smart, witty and charming and arrogant too (many a times).

Sridhar, along with Periya Ravi (Ravikumar G), Chander, Kutti ravi, GS (Girija Shankar) - were the other inspiring faculties, each one unique in their ways, technically and as individuals, who meant a lot to this young lad @ 16 something. :)

And then came Sathish Toshkani (ex. faculty NIIT), Alfi (Alfred) with whom i worked for a brief period @ Dyadic Systems (my first ever paid job!)

My day was made. Am glad to be in touch with sridhar again. Pity though is such a talented person had been shaken and stirred :) in the hands of life. After all his adventures, he is now settled back in coimbatore running a soft skills training co., (did i mention he is awesome, with people?! He IS!) and running his own co. called FindMind.

Way to go Sridhar. Glad to be back in touch.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Old habits die hard?

10.20 AM
@ Suleh circle
A Maruti WagonR in front of me...
with a tag on the rear windscreen
- "A/C Vehicle"
- "No Hand Signal"

On the green light, the driver's hand comes out of the window, indicating a right turn!

Old habits die hard...
or perhaps the tag is for OTHER DRIVERS?!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


its just 3 weeks of gap and looks like eternity...

It is just 3 weeks since my last post and it already seems like a whole eternity...

Tons of Issues .... one after the other ... it was literally raining problems.
Most were to do with our infrastructure stuff.

And oh boy, what a nightmare it was! Am glad that all's been fixed and the dust settling down.

These three weeks have given me enough enlightment interms of responsiveness and the
Techie nitty gritties running a IT/Systems Dept.

inspite of all the quamls, i have to say I really loved the flow of adrenaline after a long time.

Thats about the office front!

Otherwise things are moving pretty good by god's grace and am awaiting eagerly to Jan 07,
for two Major Releases.

#1. My Junior (Exactly on my 30th year eve!)
#2. Release of Maya!