Friday, June 30, 2006


am dazzled!!!

While Cluster Maps reports 302 visits, until today from 12th June,
while Statcounter reports otherwise. Wierd!

Furthermore, just figured out the visitors are hardly on the page for a minute before they move away.
Interesting stats!

Thanks to

Thanks to The Free Dictionary, i've added some content to the blog. My blog looks nice now :)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Discovered An awesome free reporting on the blog visitor statistics.
May be i'd learn on something to improve the visitors to the blog page.

afterthought : should i do this for a seperate blog? let me think that out.
Just cooked up a new idea, late last night.
May be i should take the steps to bring that idea to life.

Software kaadhalan software kaadhalikku yeludhiya kaditham

Oru software kaadhalan than software kaadhalikku yeluthiya kaditham

Found this on a random browsing on blogspot. very sweet! very innovative.

PHP Interactive - an interactive shell for PHP

PHP Interactive - an interactive shell for PHP

Cool Stuff here!
Just downloaded. i hope this should help a lot in our development.
let's see what are the limitations and issues that crop up!

It starts a trickle ... and ... well, its better to keep an eye open

Apple Out & Forresters' Voice
"" Uneasy with the high attrition and wage inflation in India's IT and related sectors, many MNCs are mulling to exit their captive units here, says international market research company Forrester Research Inc. ""

Pervasive Logs out
"" The Austin-based Pervasive that offers data infrastructure software, said that it was shutting down its Bangalore-based subsidiary because of high costs of labour and other factors in the market. ""

Not to sound alarming / pessimistic, happened to read out a column in the times of india, today's edition on the rising employee costs in the IT Sector and Heavy attrition. The column says indian employees cost 80-85% of the US Cost.

Can we do something about it?!

Thursday, June 22, 2006



I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...
I Should resist my temptations...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mgmt. : Words of Wisdom : #2

#1. Don't declare open your position in public, especially when you have taken the subject of debate / a comment made by a peer personally!

#2. Contain your emotions (if your blood happens to boil with others' demeanor) if not able to curtail it. Discuss later with the relevant heads, one on one!

#3. Never ever lose the objectivity of the point being discussed, and win by approaching objectively.

Monday, June 19, 2006



One after another, rain the bouts of emotions.
Couple of weeks back it was with V [and was solved after a confrontation] and now (last saturday) it was a showdown @ h.

I don't (read it can't) have the mind / strength to restate the happenings here, but for expressing that it was a horrible, horrible torrent of words and raw emotions - uncontrolled.

Left it up to the hands of the one atop, to worry about but with a request to keep me sane!!!

Dear K, I Surrender! Total and Un-conditionally! Am left with no more strength that such bouts take!
Please, Please, Please save me!

This day, the 17th of June, 2006 will ever remain a day to be never forgotten in my entire life!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Wishlist : My kind of movies...

Thanks to Global Consciousness!
The following movies are on my wishlist now :

Brazil, 1985
naqoyqatsi, 2002
Harold and Maude, 1971
Momento, 2000* => Ghajini in tamil


My City... which am proud of and errrrr... my statesmen whom i love to hate

Why Deve Gowda is bad for Bangalore : by S Raghotham
Secular "Evil"?

A MUST read article.
have to laude the authors' bravado to voice it out open.
the article syncs in with my thoughts on the dumb and stupid claims HDDG had made on murthy/infosys.


Monday, June 12, 2006


taking a peek into google's robot???

Bumped across Google's own robots.txt, while on a search Url Exclusionurl exclusion robot.

An interesting find.
you should explore the contents... may be, just may be, you'd get to find some interesting tidbits you'd not known earlier.

:: sivaramasundar


Day before yesterday, Saturday (10.06.2006) me and venu had ventured out on a commercial st., stray walk after quite a looooooooooong time. (well, yes - all the earlier misgivings and misunderstandings were patched by now. :) )

As to continue with my reading spree of the mythical fiction, I wanted to get the The Bartimaeus Trilogy of jonathan stroud. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a piece with my regular vendor. bad luck. but wait, something else caught my eye. The Google Story.

I Picked up book by impulse and ran running through a few pages by random. I was tempted. Though i was in a very mood to pick up a book of fiction, i settled upon this one. Awesome read, i have to say. One hell of a story it is. :)

Already started loving this book and this would change my previous opines on google as a company and its young founders.
More than anything it is awe inspiring. No much words to express the mix of feelings, as i read on the story. i've already completed 80pages through the book on sunday, even as i had to steal bits and pieces of time as you can imagine how it is in an traditional indian household, to be able to left on your own... esp. on a weekend. SIGH!! :)

:: sivaramasundar

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Demo : Aftermath : cum Laude

And on 6th of June, the demo went on, smooth and flawless.
All of the team, heaved with a sigh of relief.

Good words recd., in return for all the hard efforts put.

Well, now this is no way the end of a fairytale.
This is just the beginning...
The actual 'summa cum laude', will be by end of august / september,
when the whole system stabilizes and goes live.

Quite a road to travel until then.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Demo on maya : Nail biting moments

scheduled a demo on maya, for J by 3.00pm today.
just moments before 3.00pm, a major part of the app failed to work.
all of us rushed back, digging down into the sources to find the source of the bug.
after 30mins of fighting we nailed it down to the newly included logger.
comment the logger and all works fine.
OMG! i went almost paranoid.

and invariably we missed the 3.00pm demo.
pushed it further and by then J had become busy.

waiting for him to turn up now...
until this demo goes smooth, the traces of tension would still remain...
(though the paranoid feeling has been gone and done with!)

Got adsense!

:) Got an google adsense a/c for my blog. finally!
Now got to beef up the content here!
am excited.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Should Friends(hip) be this difficult?

It was V's b'day on the 28th May.

Me, A & V along with P had planned to go out for a dinner. well, the actual plan was thus:

- V leaves ofc and reaches city by 6+
- So does me and A
- P was held up and could not commit a time. It was not a worrying thing with P's plans as he was an unexpected guest.
- K, (i should aptly call him - the MVM [Maamiyaar veetu Maapillai], as he chooses to have a velcro relation with his inlaws' afte marriage) - knowingly / unknowingly had responded as good as an outsider, when V had called him up earlier that day. As a close friend V was terribly hurt by K's response (or the lack of it) and his expectations had taken a terrible hit.
- In between this melee, me and A plan for something else : which is - We will go to temple and then to the blind school to distribute sweets and then off to a nice restaurant for dinner. [i had chosen three rest. after quite a search]
- It was 5.30 and i call up V.
- To my surprise and alarm, he cancells the whole evening's plan, giving his trademark avoidance trick by blaming it on the work.
- I feel pathetic. and Let it go, not knowing what exactly has caused this. And after this, V stops responding to my calls.
- I Call up A and tell him what happened. He is baffeled. V decides to withdraw into his shell and avoid all of us. And he doesn't pick up A's calls either.

Sigh!!! Quite a Day... Quite a Birthday indeed.
V's birthday gift still is lying at home. God knows when we are gonna be able to give him that.

It was actually after two days' time. i got to know what had triggered all this.
And one way it is alarming, to see the sensitivity of V in action - at its all time high!

Top #2 reasons for the debacle:
#1 V expected it to be a family event, and i had said it would be a bachelors' event as my family was not in a situation to take part (atleast for then)
#2 V was pissed off by K's (un) responsiveness. - (K has no justifications here - he's been married for 1.5 yrs now and running - his importance to his inlaws' has resulted in total negligance of friends)

And V had never mentioned his expectations on #1 - especially when he knows everything that's happening in my family.
I seriously don't see a reason why and how he can be so un-understanding the above point.

In the whole, V had successfully managed to spoil his own B'day and alongwith putting me and A in a fix, nowhere comforting by any means.
And what the heck, he's getting deeper into his shell with all the negative thoughts, churned out as a by product of the initial debacle and doesn't want to see matters by the mind and insists not to understand and to remain so in the negative phase.

Why do people expect to be understood without being communicative / expressive?
Why do people have unsaid expectations, on top of the bad communication and let themselves be affected and in the process, all others surrounding them?

Should friends(hip) be this difficult?
Time alone can reply. and perhaps!

Friday, June 02, 2006


To Google:

Added my blog sitemap to google. :) via google sitemaps on 29th May 2006.

Also, applied for google adsense today [for this blog].
Curious about how it works.