Thursday, January 25, 2007


Junior ME! :)

15th Jan 2007
Pongal Release...!

blessed with Junior ME. a sweet little baby boy.

junior chose to come almost 12 days before the eta. :)
may be the storks were proactively ahead of the delivery schedule.

it turned out to be quite a nice story, of his release, in spite of the tensions and crossed fingers.

i was fortunate enough destined to get to hold junior in my hands.
Yes! it was an exhilerating experience to see hold my son - in flesh.

he was small, fragile, pink with long limbs and long fingers...
and so very helpless...
yet so - the bundle of joy! :)

and i was almost in tears.

... to be continued

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


படித்து-ரசித்துக் கொண்டிருப்பது...

பொன்னியின் செல்வன்!

:) அமரர் கல்கியின் அமர காவியம்.

ஈரோட்டில் ஏதேனும் நல்ல தமிழ் புத்தகங்கள் கிடைக்குமா-வென்று - புத்தகக் கடைகளில் ஏறி இறங்கிய பொழுது - எதிர்பாரா விதமாய் கிடைத்தது.

அதுவும் - மிகவும் மலிந்த விலைக்கு - 6 பாகங்கள் - 175 Rs!

பலப்-பல வருஷங்களுக்குப் பிறகு, மீண்டும்
பொன்னியின் செல்வன்! படிக்கும் பாக்கியம்!

வந்தியத்தேவனும் - குந்தவையும், அருள்மொழி வர்மரும், நந்தினியும் - ஆஹா! என்னவொரு பாத்திரப் படைப்புகள்!

குறிப்பாக வந்தியத்தேவனின் பாத்திரப் படைப்பை மட்டுமே எவ்வளவு அற்புதமாக வடித்திருக்கிறர் கல்கி!

Esp. all the Flirtings between
வந்தியத்தேவன் - குந்தவை!

Awesome rendering of Flirting, Poetic Romanticism and Ecstatic encounters - loaded with words, quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor - and yet without making it to stand out any obvious / obscene!

Hats off to this literary genius for the brilliancy of his words and expressive masterpiece.

Tons of Sheer Delight!

கரும்பு தின்னக் கூலி! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


என்னை பாதித்த வலைப் பின்னல்கள்!!! - மனிதர் என்னவாய் எழுதுகிறார்!!! மனதைப் பிழிகிறது. கற்றது கடலளவு என்று!!!

தாரிணி கவிதைகள் - - ரசனை! :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007


beginnings of the new year...

this year started with a serious, moving note for me...

yup, i was watching "schindler's list", thru the late night of 31st Dec/1st Jan.

the last shot was moving....

when the allied forces win and germans retreat, time comes for schindler to flee...

and the schindler jews, forge him a golden ring (with the golden teeth one of the jews still manages to save through the regime!) and a letter of schindler's historic deeds for his jews, signed by all 1000+ of them.

Holding the ring in his hands, schindler breaks down...

like a child...

and if had he been more thoughtful - he could have traded more jews! yes! for all the earthly possessions and his grandoise expenditures ...

reminds me of making money...

and the argument i had had with papillion, ages back...

me : am content with what i have... don't want to earn more!

papi : well, you can earn more and give more for charity/to help others as you wish!

and i disagreed! equating more money with greed.

can't say i've changed much, but schindlers' story gets my thoughts racing...

may be i should...

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Lost! ... and to be found!

Lights out and bright - all around,
·····yet deep within - it's all Lights Out!

he has all that a simple person would envy upon
·····as the rich nomad in the eyes of a stationary begger
yet this nomad in thoughts is mobile...
·····in search of the stationary beggers' peace!

there comes the moments of rejoice for this nomad,
·····just as the morning dew drops on the blades of lime green grass...
to be grabbed by the greedy rays of the sun on its wake,
·····just a few moments, a few precious moments... as the spasms of pleasure!

happiness, they say - or not, is within...
·····hence he asks, to himself -
"me, hey me, did you,
·····grab those precious moments of rejoice from me?

where the me within feeds on my thoughts
·····and churns out questions" -

this nomad has been blessed with an incessent mind
·····that's cursed to think to feel.

this nomad has lost his keys
·····anyone, can anyone ...
help - find back his innocence & ignorance,
·····he has lost the keys to happiness & fears of feel!

two little hands, ten tender fingers,
·····reaching out of the womb,
yes! they might - they just might, behold the magic
·····guiding him to those keys lost!

smile, giggle and laugh
·····making him smile, giggle and laugh...
the godsend little bundle of joy
·····just might be the answer to his pleas, help him find his bundles of joy!

it's Lights OUT all around...
·····new paths, new ways, new walks,
change the constant with time the healer,
·····godsend again, brings him soon - this bundle of joy!
and deep within at this thought - it's Lights out and bright!

first bricks of a wall?

deep down i sense there's a wall starting to build with a good friend and confidant of mine.

yes, it is the after math of what i recorded in my preveious post.

i see the tell-tale signs.

feels a little bit helpless.

as b s says in situations not in our control, perhaps i should take it cool, slow and absolutely no reactive measures. what would be a good way to break the upcoming wall?

on the + side, there was a good chat in the afternoon. but still, after all that, why do i feel what i feel now?!

is it just me?! but ain't say that cuz i saw it today during the TT session. was a bit childish, but couldn't miss sensing that 'extra bit' more than the normal spirit to win that game... and the gradual distancing in a couple of other matters...

Sigh! a test for me perhaps!

கிருஷ்ணா, if it sincerely is a test, please be with me, and guide me!

cuz, eitherways, i'll end to lose this game!

Friday, January 05, 2007


நா காக்க!

யாகாவா ராயினும் நாகாக்க காவாக்கால்

சோகாப்பர் சொல்லிழுக்குப் பட்டு.

pretty wise a statement!

something slipped my tongue, in a moment of tension and for which eventually i feel very bad within!

Sigh! things done can't be changed, pray to avoid such stuff in the future!