Friday, November 21, 2008


A sweet and sour day!

:( A Very bad start to the day, today! One of the rare moments when you feel like vanishing off - at the whim of a thought, or to get the "Click" remote and rewind...pause...change things!

Whew! There are some things - which details - i'd never get myself to express or share publicly. But only whine about that something nasty happened! Today's scenes were one such showcase!

But i should say - i survived the blast! Left out dazed and dizzy for sure but i could stay detached. Am surprised about that myself!

And once at office, things changed - change of moods... work, and am fine!

but something within has been impacted ... a hit deep down for sure. i will get to realize that over a period of time!

already feeling aloof, detached and lost! But may be this time - its for my own good! ;)