Friday, June 27, 2008


did i say i changed my phone?

well, it wasn't a willful thing...
with all the trouble in taking calls, i would not have parted away with my p800!

alas, it happened so - one wretched day, on a foul mood and furious temper took away my rationale for a moment and the poor p800 had its final kiss of life on a mortal embrace with the wall, ending up a vegetable.

The display is gone totally, though i occasionally feel the starting tremors of the battery when i try to switch it on. I still have hopes to recover all the precious data within.

So, i switched on to a new phone.
Back to nokia after almost 4+ years with sony ericsson.

I got myself a slim n tall beauty - The nokia E51!
I should say, it has already found its place with me, seldom letting me remember the absence of my good old p800.

:) One of those very few material possessions i cherish for in life.


Music to ears...

Kiddo is forming words now... He's pretty active and keeps roaming around the house ... end to end... talking and cooing and making all sorts of sounds! :)

Delight to watch!
So sweet to watch him take shape ... growing bigger by the day and acquiring new skills. I miss him a lot. It is just 10 days since he's gone to his grandparents' house. and it seems eons.

What would i call this?!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


To ponder!