Monday, February 28, 2005


Celebrations and a loooonnnnnggggggg chat

25th Feb 2005
Pinxx, Manipal Center, Bangalore
All of Tarka, sriram, jayashree, ravi and me!

Nice(?) dinner with the small group, celebrating the first year of
of Tarka and the release of SimplEX, maiden product offering from

Two Surprises at the venue:
a. Pinxx turned out to be an continental joint
b. The Presence of a blr magician, to entertain us with a bunch of his magic puzzles

Sriram(?), Ravi(?), Me and Murthy, solved one puzzle each, after a mug of beer!
Funny thing, our brains were so rusted, i had to take out a paper and draw out the solution,
before solving the puzzle. (forming a T of 4 broken pieces)

Ended up with a western/continental platter of dishes for dinner (Whew, man, isn't it
stupid to taste westernized indian food, paying a western bill, sitting right in heart of
india???) As usual, it can happen ONLY in india.

We had a nice time later that evening, me and sriram, stayed back and what started
as an usual discussion went on and on, across various topics well over midnight.
it was almost 1am, by the time we said our byes.

A Good small get together, which proved to energise me for the next few days. :)

Friday, February 18, 2005


Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!! Somebody Lend me a hand please.... *rofl* (trying to steady myself!!!)

Don't you know bernd? BERND? Huh, if you dunno about him ALREADY, you don't deserve to know anything further!

"All Indians are my brothers and sisters ..." - Pangs of a poor Dude!

Yeh bi mera india! Read on...