Monday, December 20, 2004


The Weekend

it was after quite a while, that i've done this...
two movies out in the theatres - in consecutive days!!!

Our (me, venu, anand and kamal ) target was to watch 'swades'.
but after our futile efforts to get the tickets at cauvery, over the counter and
shunning to pay double for the price, in black... we ended up hopping theaters
to sangeetha and to rex. And it being a saturday and it was already 5 when we left
cauvery, we just couldn't manage to get the tickets!

What the heck, i decided that since we were out for a movie, we will get to watch one.
what if its just not 'swades'?!!!

So, cuz of me putting my foot down, we ended up going for 'ocean's twelve'!!!
Oh man. what a turn off!!! Pathetic - it was such an expensive blunder, the director hoping it to be an
intelligent plot!!! ewww. waste of time and money!
just barely escaped getting beaten up from my friends, for choosing that one!

Well, what the heck - since we had actually wanted to watch 'Swades' - we decided
we'd do the same on sunday!!!

and whew, i just got a bit more than normally absorbed by that movie.
hats off to asuthosh gowarikar - a very professional movie, great screenplay,
good casting if not to match that of lagaan and last but not least - Gayatri Joshi :D

But, man, inspite of the beautiful - gorgeous gayatri joshi - the movie had left a profound impact ...
of what we (me first) have done, doing and will do for our country...

not to say that we get to see enough of the heart wrenching scenes - and to hear the happenings -
of suppression, poverty and much more!!!

for some unknown reason, i had just put myself in the shoes of mohan (SRK) in the movie, asking myself
what have i been and what have i done ... apart from my thoughts and good will to the betterment of
my country!!!??

Nope, this wasn't the kinda josh after a patriotic movie... but more of a knife of guilt slicing through.
this was kinda fuelled with my and anand's earlier discussions on the same line...

i want to make a difference, to try and to act, in whatever possible small ways, and i'd be glad the
day i can watch the changes in this country!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Clarity of Thought!
The Power of Direction!

Importance and significance of these are better realized than said!
A Must have attributes for a leader - and for route to peace.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Today was kamal's birthday... and its almost a month up since his marriage...
had been to his home, for a nice memorable evening.
A Hearty Dinner, with a prelude - cake cutting... turned
interesting with a naughty bunch of candles which kept springing back to life
every time he blew 'em off and this continued for awhile until he won - finally
blowing off the candles!

And unknown of the next surprise awaiting - piece of cake on his face,
from his wife.!!!

We'd been watching his marriage album and the CD,
and it was a nice evg, with loads of laughter and life.

and not to forget, is the care and affection we folks stand
to receive from his mom and dad - mom, especially!

Its a great feeling and there are but far and few left out there, in this date...
like 'em!

in my life - i've been gifted in more than one ways - inspite of the hardships, which
includes the care and affection from two warm hearted women,
my aunt and kamal's mother! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2004


FlipStart - First Looks

A Must Have - When are they gonna release this beauty commercially???
Hats off to Paul Allen.

Monday, October 18, 2004


More of my p800.... :)

Thats my p800. Well, Not Exactly mine, pity i ain't able to get a shot of my own p800 - hence borrowed this pic from Sony Ericsson. :D - Well, its all the same. Mine is just a bit more cute and sexy. lol.
It Happens ONLY in India! Queue for McDonalds at Forum, on a sunday afternoon.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Here i am folks....
mmm, Should i say back with a bang after a break of a month or so?

More importantly, what brings me rushing back to my blog,
is Google!!! (Not even my new Sony Ericsson p800, gave me such a kick
as to jump on to my blog to brag

yes, the Google Labs, has released
the desktop google, which allows me to run a google search
on my own desktop...

Got to be envied the way google's moving ... to its heights?
Its irresistable not to use Google Desktop.!!!

man, and the ideas, talk about google... its igniting a spark within...
to carve a niche for oneself!

Whew! oh man, i certainly do envy the folks at google! lol.

Just installed the Desktop Google and the initial search
results are pretty impressive.

What next google?
Search into Hetreogeneous databases?
or not but to think a bit futuristic...
a VR Google?
Google to search your brains - sorting and sifting out info. of lost pointers
with a bio mind searching google?

mmm ... one day perhaps!

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Check this out!!!
Bloggers Blogging Their own company info... heading to bite dust.

Friendster fires developer for blog

Microsoft fires contractor for posting pictures on his Blog


Monday, August 30, 2004

Life Begins at 80 ... on the internet

The World's first multinational eBook

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sathya's Marriage

Witnessed a friend ending his bachelorhood and tying the knots.
Oh boy, and what a significance it has!

Was a jubilious moment, feeling happy for sathya...
though it ended up evoking some strong emotions, within myself.

watching the ceremonies at close hand got me off foot, evoking emotions, and the long since buried memoirs!

Glimpses on my own past, swishing past in the mind, in a fleeting moment.... in turn, leaving an effect ... still lingering as i type this!

call me names, but the basic instinct was to retreat from
the scene...
Fear of facing myself / realities? i don't know!
well, am not interested to dig deeper to analyse myself!
nor does it bother me about the coming tmrw.

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions.
The gift of a twin edged sword - of boon and curse???

reminds me that am still a toddler, learning the ways of life - and to face / wield this
twin edged sword and to experience the process itself, not of the
outcomes but of facing / wielding and of handling this gift.
Sathya's Reception...

Yesterday was sathya's reception!

I Made up my mind to attend this marriage, willingly,
which am doing after quite a few years.

it was a nice feeling, to watch a friend get married.
it was also a reunion of sorts, for us friends - venu, anand, kamal and myself.

was meeting kamal after a few years, (yes, a few years!!! just to think about
the days in college, when our daily routine was to gather at his home)

times have changed a lot, and ppl alongwith, especially it has a certain toll on me,
as a person, if not physically (me looks almost the same, i was years back, give and take a few inches of height).

yesterday was sorts of good and sad put together.
good that we friends met and were together for the night, chatting and
watching movies, exchaning stories - pulling legs - while the sad
part was to watch anand, breakdown into tears, turning senti - in a sudden
moment, as we were talking - not that i've seen him even once in tears all thru
the past 10 years.

I Just could visualize and share his anguish, whilst the only thought that was
running in my mind was, "hey look, come to think about realities of life,
(posed optimisms set apart) it had been and still is my prepetual struggle, to
divulge my pains and fears with anybody at all, even for a moment of solace, leading
me at times, to the brink of breaking down but to pull myself back to a
composed calmness and put up a normal face to others, whilst to watch similar
things taking its toll on anand - that for a moment, made him broke down !!" Call, it
c'est la vie and continue, but, had never expected that with anand!

The most hard working and deserving of all of us friends, still suffering.
sad but true.
a brave soul shouldering the burdens of his family, the "responsible" man - since
he was 18, and always with a smile on his face - sacrificing his time and pleasures of youth along with the small joys of life on the hard grounds of reality = "His Realities".

"There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will"
- so said shakespeare.

well, we did cheer him up and that was a whole different excersie ;o)

a memorable day, in its own ways!

Monday, August 23, 2004

A CEO @ 17!!!

Shocked i was for a moment when i read this...

What an accomplishment! whew!

Friday, August 20, 2004

7:00 pm

On the Balcony and Puffing away smoke rings...

All in a minutes' time....
No. of Motor cyclists passed by - 40
No. of Four wheelers - 20
No. of Autos - 10

aw, thats a 4 : 2 : 1 ratio...

bangalore is no more a garden city, but a traffic city!
How would you import a DLL written in Delphi to VC++?

Our Sri aka Quixote
(as we are going to find more and more sightings of this name /
character, let me coin an appropriate Nick.... mmmmm : Quixote [Don] is what crosses my mind immediately, but anyways, am going to get booted up once he gets to read this! :D)

  • A. Try to do things in the simple way as done in Delphi

  • B. Oops!!! That Failed! Arrrgh. Missing Something.

  • C. Google

  • D. Aha, Found the culprit! Whoosh, in my good heavens! How many Steps to be followed for a simple thing. :o(

  • E. Yikes!!! i hate this - VC++ is a pain in the butt - first, generate a static Lib for the Dll and a Def file and a Header file and .... AAAAAARGGGGGH. [And that beats the whole purpose of a DLL, if it has to be compiled static!!!]

  • F. Argue with me on using static libs against loading it dynamically!

  • G. Proceed with creating Static Libs, Defs, more Googling and more ARRRRGHS [Never listens to elders! ;o) ]

  • H. Finally, get back to use Dynamic Load Library!

  • I. Sheesh!!!!

  • J. Oh No. Another bottleneck. Braces this time. VC++ Compiler gets confused if i don't dress up the typedef for a function pointer with proper braces. What a Dumb Compiler.

  • K. At last, its working.

  • L. Nothing like Delphi :D - PEACE!

    During our 4'0 clock coffee break - walk, we had this discussion about relativity,
    which led to einstein and his relativity theory. (which itself was triggered by a chain of totally unrelated thoughts - courtesy : tea, caffine, smoke, girls passing by and our [me and sri] off the beaten path thought process :D )

    Unfortunately, my simple demonstration of relativity with sri, (without all the complexities put forward by einstein), back fired on myself - me ending up kicked and beaten. :o(
    (Oh don't ask me what i did to Sri, its Relative!!!)

    Since and hence we could demonstrate the theory of relativity, without all the
    equations and blah blah blah of einstein, we indeed become better instances of
    modern day Einsteins. :D :D

    well getting back to our story,
    the most interesting outcome of all this excercise is ...

    Dear Sri = Einstein!!!

    ask why???

    Sri Plays Violin - So Did Einstein! :D :D

    Wednesday, August 18, 2004

    Quite Interesting...

    I Wonder, if mankind would ever - have had any access to such wonderful
    piece of literature - or the insights - on the - confessions of a slut!

    Long live the Web!!!
    And the Pleasure of Blogging.

    Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.

    This word is delightfully evocative, bringing to mind some languid person lolling on a couch while all around goes to ruin. It owes its origin, strangely enough, to an old saying of regret or dismay, lack-a-day!, a shortened form of alack-a-day!. Alack dates back to medieval times, and probably comes from a dialect word lack that is variously interpreted as failure, fault, reproach, disgrace, or shame. So alack-a-day! originally meant “Shame or reproach to the day!” (that it should have brought this upon me). But over time it became weakened until it became no more than a vapid and vacuous cry when some minor matter went awry. At some point in the eighteenth century, the form lackadaisy appeared, with lackadaisical coming along shortly afterwards for somebody who regularly used the cry. At first it meant that the person was feebly sentimental rather than lazy. The first person recorded as using it was Laurence Sterne, in his Sentimental Journey of 1768: “I took hold of her fingers in one hand, and applied the two forefingers of my other to the artery.—Would to heaven! my dear Eugenius, thou hadst passed by, and beheld me sitting in my black coat, and in my lack-a-day-sical manner, counting the throbs of it, one by one, with as much true devotion as if I had been watching the critical ebb or flow of her fever”. Later it moved towards the idea of somebody who was affectedly languishing, and thence to someone merely lazy.


    Go here for more!

    Monday, August 16, 2004

    The CaSe Sensitivity issues...

    Nightmares while troubleshooting - spend hours together
    to just find the crux of the issue lies in stupid uppercase / lowercase
    usage of an identifier.

    Another Case Sensitivity issue - Who in the programming
    world needs this dumb case sensitivity - esp., while programming.

    Why can't people think simple, in the likes of pascal and delphi!!!!

    integer - differs from INTEGER!!!!
    Informix - i hate it.
    C++ - another pain in the ***

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    Intimations of Immortality

    Ye that through your hearts to-day
    Feel the gladness of the May!
    What though the radiance which was once so bright
    Be now for ever taken from my sight,
    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind

    (William Wordsworth)


    Cat on the Move!!!
    Revaz ventures out of the den. :o)

    Way to go, buddy!
    Its a long road ahead...
    Feeling so very happy for you. :o)
    "The year is 2050, and you are standing in front of a vending machine. What form of payment will you put into it?"

    -perhaps nothing- ?
    you just walk in, select what you want and walk away...!
    it could be your fingerprints, voice or ur retinal print or perhaps an embedded bio

    There might not exist a vending machine at all, standing out there, in the corner of the street!

    mmm, what would be offered for sale on a vending machine?

    well, well, that already leads to a chain of thoughts, tickling the creative bone...

    Do we have the time to spend a moment and think about it?
    why isn't there any more of those ground breaking inventions, as of the
    early 19th, 20th and 21st centuries?

    Where are we heading to?

    Well, thankfully there are still some inventors out there...
    Check this...

    The Impact Lab...

    Monday, August 02, 2004

    Had been to the FORUM yesterday.
    Cool place.
    It has been modelled on the lines of a typical US Mall.

    Quite colorful and too much of activity.
    nice to hang out...

    will be back again
    Too much of action this weekend...
    Whew! Finally, decided to tie the knots!
    Gave the green flag, for the hunt!

    Got to wait and watch, whats on store.

    "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."
    - Einstein

    Thursday, July 29, 2004

    At the end of the day, am left with this thought ...
    what have i done today for others, to this world...??!!!

    It was just another day, doing the daily chores ...
    doing this - doing that, solving a problem, browsing,
    talking, eating, driving etc etc.

    half our life time goes sleeping, another half split between adoloscence
    and aged and whatever rest we are left out with we freak out, play, argue, enjoy
    and do what not!!!

    but, whats that difference am i making here?
    am i a part of this ant colony, just another worker ant, doing its
    routine - if only to a larger extent?

    that's a kind of thought, which goes undigested.

    each one of us can make a difference to the world around us...
    yes and i want to something! but where do i start? and in what way?
    I certainly don't want to do something for the sake of making a difference but
    for what it is, wholeheartedly!

    Thousand ideas, thousand thoughts go zooming past - but i need action.
    i need focus. i need more patience.
    i need to do something more ... to find that missing link!

    let me see - try to sort out the spaghetti of unceasing thoughts, just atleast
    to find a focus - to square on something that would make me feel better in this

    food for thought, challenges to the will.

    Greek Mythology

    Greek Mythology
    This site has some good illustrations (at times comical), but
    i liked it.
    Interesting read...
    Discovered blogBuddy!
    After browsing through
    the Blogger API, the first thought that struck
    my mind was to create a small tool and there i go, getting the XMLRPC
    implementation for Delphi and halfway through my search i bump across

    The project seems to be long dead, but what the heck, blogBuddy works!
    check it out!

    its cool!
    Using blogBuddy


    Touch of Life (Contemporary Romantic Realism)

    If you like contemporary art, don't miss this.

    Even otherwise, its pure delight to watch these objects d'art

    PS: How i envy the artist, let alone the girl on the painting


    Am not alone, in this virtual world...
    shocked (should i be???) to find the rantings of these geeks

    Revaz Musinz
    The Rock


    I Discovered that am an INFP!
    (for those who want to know what's INFP, i suggest to check this out :

    Here's a list of famous INFP's
    Mary, mother of Jesus
    St. John, the beloved disciple
    William Shakespeare, bard of Avon
    A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)
    Helen Keller, deaf and blind author
    Carl Rogers, reflective psychologist, counselor
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
    Julia Roberts
    John F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Whew, thats a nice note to start off my BLOG.

    Thanks to [sriram, my friend], for triggering the
    spark to BLOG, which i've lazily discontinued, after
    a brief start, earlier in 2003.