Thursday, August 30, 2007


End of August 07!

Third quarter of 07 turned out to be one of a kind in the career front!
Too many developments..., Too many happenings...!
Mostly not very positive.

Key people quitting, Delayed deliveries, Technical issues, execution failures ... all in a bunch and at the same time!
wouldn't say its all back to normal yet, but i do see light at end of the tunnel.

of most, am disappointed with myself, angry, dis-satisfied and dis-oriented.
should get retro. and battle out this feeling!

by god! this time - am nuts! the morale and strength gauges have hit rock bottom like never!
makes me to look back to the old days of Myself-Tech-Comp-Books-Ciggies-solitude.

Should find something involving and satisfying to get back up to my normal self!