Tuesday, May 30, 2006


do you want to see your website as a beautiful flower?

An interesting way to look at your site (or for that matter any other site on the web, to see how it is organized)!Aharef: Websites as graphs

The author has used processing, traer.physics to bring out this beautiful rendering!

Well Worth a look!

Hey geek, let's SWARM!!!

Are you a geek?
Are you curious about the web?
Are you inquisitive?
Are you the kind to mine ideas and deduce patterns from cloud formations and flowering blossoms?

Well, i think SWARM is for you!

Check out!
Swarm the dot com

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A New Search Client

Quintura : A New tool to embrace the natural search as performed by a human mind.

5 problems with today's web search
Quintura - Download

just downloaded this client... looks promising.
will post later how this helps me in my searches.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Time to leave?

LP came up with a news today. He has got a good offer : from a midsized s/w dev. firm with a good position and a good salary offer. (approx. 40% hike from his present package).

As a manager, i need him and treasure him, inspite of my stingy appreciations and raising my bar of expectations everytime. But as a friend i want him to prosper in life and to go places. Also, as a manager, i don't want to block his career progress. Well, Not an easy decision to make. But for sure, i've got to make his exit a smooth one with his credentials intact and a win-win for both him and the organization.

Time should tell...

Friday, May 26, 2006


Looking back....

Something triggered me to run on my own blog archieves.
i was curious... to read what i've blogged over the time...
and well, it was neither a very impressive penning nor a disappointment.

the blog entries are miniscule windows opening upto the memoirs and glimpses of my own life.
need to do this more. on a daily basis - if not, atleast weekly!!!


M is recovering if not a bit slow, after the last week's disasters. Her blood sugars are under control now and following the diet & time.
Though she is still not back to her normal self.

In the process of her treatment, i had taken her to diacon, the diabetic speciality clinic in rajajinagar 1st block.
Man, had to say god was with us and he guided us to the right place at last, if not after all the sufferings.

A Humane clinic, with a humane treatment - they exactly knew what they were doing - the right things for a diabetic patient.
Right from food to the medications and to all the questions we had. They have a very nice presentation on diabetes which they play to all the patients, explaining the what's, why's, when's and how's along with do's and don'ts very patiently.

Spoke to the doctor, arvind, on contributing to the community of diabietics - anything that is possible from my side.
planning to launch a website / a patient friendly portal for diabetics.

Race, Jealousy

Found a novel way to keep me updated on the www happenings of ajax, javascript. - Google Alerts! cool and very useful.

Looking at the pace of ajax frameworks being churned out, makes me feel jealous one side and on the other side adds to the fire within to do something solid.

It has really been almost a year since i did any end-to-end development, if not for the bits and pieces of r&d i do.
tres mal! gotta act!!! and soon.

Good News Today!

S made me so happy today with the news : Junior Me is on the way.
9 months is going to be a long wait.
:) je suis heureux!!!

Pray the almighty, to provide S with all the strength and will.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


What a beautiful day, it is today!!

A Warm, Pleasent and sunny morning.
Traces of rain over the night still fresh, with moist air, ah, this is just a perfect good ol' bangalore day!
Not too sunny, neither cold or rainy.
A picture perfect day to lay down in the open air and to laze with a nice book and tea.

Thanks to sindhu @ radiocity, adding to the pleasent start with the choice of my favourite songs on air :
Chappa chappa, Rang Rang Rangeela, Kudi meri ...
That was a pleasent surprise, a bonus to such a great day.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Compfused.com - Sidewalk Drawings

Awesome sidewalk drawings!Look out for the last one (Batman & Robin) to the end of the page!

Read more at www.compfused.com/direc...

Monday, May 15, 2006


Diabetes India

found this very detailed helpfuls site on the net.
the instructions & info. provided looks very promising and am going to try it out for mom.
let us see how it helps.

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Friday, May 12, 2006



Cool resource.
Single source for way many links.
Quite interesting.

@.com: Resource Linkage

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Friday, May 05, 2006


Blasted Moods

Not a very cheerful day it is, today!
- Struck by bouts of nostalgia (happened to be rummaging thru my pocket harddisk for something)
- Too many small things to be organized in a clear flow to speeden the current development
and much more!

Am angry on myself, for no apparent reason!
Am bugged, irritated and totally out of focus!
I hate this phase whenever it happens!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Troubles of the Fishy kind!!!

This happened a couple of days before.    Monday, May 1st to be precise. Dad bought a new fish bowl (in addition to the two aquarium we have), out of the blues.

I've to tell here why he bought it so. Longback, when the aquarium was set up, i had got along a few cichlids (locally known as the "blue morph"). These cichlids are quite territorial in nature and are rather aggressive and at times - ferocious. This had prevented dad in introducing any new fishes. (I'd given up going near the aquariums since dad started showing interest!) and thus, for the past cpl of months' dad had wanted to get rid of these cichlids.

back to our story, dad moved the cichlids down to the bowl, and i could do nothing but watch hopelessly and help him do that! (Resistance is futile you see!!!).

And the thrid evening after this relocations, i found the bowl empty to my dismay. To my shock, mom told me the cichlids had kicked the bucket just the day after they were relocated.

Sigh!!! Arrrrrggggghh!

I've got them when they were merely a few cm's in length and to watch them grow to a cpl of inches (almost 4-5) over a years' time. Sad to see them gone!

But now, as the saying goes, all is for good, my main aquarium is free of any aggressors (apart from a tiger barb) and is all set to play host for a melange fishy community.

Well, that is not all to the fishy troubles... there's More that happened on that fateful day. I'll write about soon as find more time.