Friday, June 04, 2010


Boy! oh…boy!

Boy! oh… boy!

Sometimes it could be tough… the dragging feeling when it happens to you - a jibe there, a punch here and a few snubs… (adichhan aana adikkale - valikkuthu … aana valikkale ;) ) – while you are consciously fighting on various fronts to keep yourself motivated against all odds!

This – i can certainly do without! no thanks! if only i had had a choice. :)

No, am not asking the almighty to get rid of this for me and put me in an ideal world, but hey … :) i could do with some help & support on my way to develop a little more of the thick skin & be resilient to the verbal assaults & retaliate too in kind without getting myself emotional or giving away myself in abysmal fury! (Thankfully & gratefully, he knows when i need the support the most and has never let me down!).

And sure maybe, some more of help (read: sarcastic) in being aloof & care less for things around, being less compassionate and more diplomatic and being selfish – why care about the common good and be passionate in what i do! Let things be the way they are and run the way they are run – These are wishes that kill my essence and wouldn’t want to come true – but now that he’s shown me a different view of the world around, he better help make me stone enough to handle things and yet retain my core values & passion.


Simply, chill out, imagine myself as an elephant (if not a hippo / buffalo) in such circumstances, get myself to master in verbal warfare ;) & return the kindness in kind – with all my passion put to work! [Now, this is really evil… hehehe]