Thursday, September 13, 2007


Of Angels & Demons

"...the vision awaiting him stopped him in his tracks. She stood on the balcony, her back to the railing, her eyes gazing deeply at him. She looked like a heavenly apparition... a radiant silhouette with the moon behind her. She could have been a Roman goddess, enshrouded in her white terrycloth robe, the drawstring cinched tight, accentuating her slender curves. Behind her, a pale mist hung like a halo over Bernini's Triton Fountain."

A Dream fabric woven with the magic of words! Igniting!

"You can admit it! You feel a longing. I see it in your eyes. A deep, carnal hunger". She smiled. "I feel it too. And that craving is about to be satisfied".

"It is?" He felt emboldened and took a step toward her.

"Completely." She held up a room-service menu. "I ordered everything they've got!"

...and now the Enlightenment!

:) - Fantasy as a welcome change of thoughts - even if lingering for a precious few moments, away from the mechanical rut of daily chores! a brief journey down the maze of mind, fueled and imbibed by words ... liberation of sorts! Glimpses of the Free Spirit within self!

Spreads a thin mischievous smile across the lips, in-spite of the gray matter being in war with itself!
Sounds paradoxical too in a way!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


finally! my home desktop is net enabled and my dvd player is upgraded!

after ages of deliberation, finally got a wireless adapter - thus
internet enabling my desktop. Thanks to this piece of toy, am wide
awake until now (its already early morning).

The adapter is already heated up by now - having been run for at least two hours non stop. ;)
Acid test for NetGear!

with the adapter, i was forced to get home a new DVD player, thanks to
my old one, which kicked the bucket y'day - and the dealer mercilessly
diagnosed both the SMPS and the board (dunno what is there inside the
box apart from these two components and oh yeah - the drive!) have died
- by reasons unknown.

tells me that it is a very very unlikely possibility to have both SMPS
and board being fried unless the box was hit by a lightning!

Bad timing for me! altogether it was an unexpected / unprecedented spend of 5k in a day!

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