Monday, April 23, 2007


Thankless World! Thankless People!

Me and shekar had gone to SLV to have a snack to kill our hunger, this evening.

A Small drama unfolded slowly as we were having our food.

There was a vendor selling shirts in the shade of the badami tree in front of SLV and for some idiotic reason, he started to break the low-hanging branches of the badami tree. Soon, few more people joined in helping him break the low hanging branches and it was a halla very soon.

Moving away from the point of culling the low hanging branches, even the higher branches were ripped and broken, in a frenzy!

And believe me, it was infuriating - mindless mob mentality in play!

Looking at all this, just a thought struck me quick.

In this burning summer day, that badami tree has been providing shade for the vendor to sell his shirts and the same vendor by evening, breaks off the branches of the tree, in great thanks!

Am not sure, if he had realised what he was doing even a wee li'l bit!

Thankless World! Thankless People!

I don't know if i can still love people for what they are and how they are!