Tuesday, August 22, 2006


New Techie Blog!

I've kick started an all new Techie Blog, FishyWeb! And with an awesome CSS template! (of-course, the template wasn't my creation! thanks to 5thirtyone).

Long time dream! It's time to Share! :)
Wish me luck, folks!

Finally! uploaded my pics!

Today morning as i was browsing through my latest ajaxian rss feed, i found a mention of this new AJAX offering called "Twango"! At the first glance, i thought it was one other in the countless AJAX driven social sites, which keep mushrooming day in and out!

But wait, it turned out to be a pleasent surprise as i chose to give it a try. The features are awesome! Simple, elegant, fast, easy and straight forward. And all for FREE!

I'll have to write a seperate post enumerating all its features! :) my! me's started liking this site very much.
Well, it has atleast got me successfully motivated to publish all my collection of photos.

I just started with some selected pics from the NYC trip during may/june 2004.

check it out! check it out!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


a moronic message!!!

got a stupendeous sms from an unknown number, out of the blues!
the message contents was in an obscure tamil slang used between college guys.

so, a baffled me called up the number, as none of my friends use such language with me!
it turned out to be a confused youth, trying to converse with this friend 'bharath' aka ME!


anyways. i kept the phone down still baffled.
and i get a call back from the same 'youth' after a few mins... and apologising for the mistaken identity!

sigh! for some reason, i didn't get any mad at all, on this fella.
to err is human right! and i had better things to do than to shout at an unknown face!

accepted the apologies and let him go.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Tip # : Zeroing in on searches effectively

While trying to find info. on an topic, where you don't have any specific starting point or even a concrete phrase
to base your searches on, the following approaches might help.

Taking a case, wrt., our website data organization and the IA, i wanted to check out on the cataloging / organization of
data as a part of the study of library sciences and the search and retrieval process as that was the closest thing our
business need would match.

I remember to have read a specific kind of mechanism / numbering system / algorithm related to the categorization of huge
volumes of data. But the search was not going be easy, as the subject of my search itself was a non precise, vague rememberance at best described in my own words.

Not good .. Not any good at all.

So, what do i have in my hands? Just a few words to state precisely. and to begin with.

a. Library Science
b. Algorithm
c. Some kind of numbering system / Maths
d. Organization / Cataloging mechanism
e. Classification System

#1. Google for any of the various phrases
#2. Check out the wikipedia, for the subject you search (for ex. library science)
#3. Check out for online glossaries related to library science

and after hitting onto a library sciences glossary, voila, found what i wanted :

Dewey Decimal (DDC) scheme.

Whew! And it took a best part of 20-30 mins!

now getting deeper into Dewey Decimal Classification, it is becoming more clear that i can pick up some very interesting and releavent points which can be applied onto our business - but for achieving similar purposes - to organize, catalog and retrieve vast amounts of information, quick and easy. Oh yeah - the DDC also talks about retrieving related info., along with the exact!

Perfect - for our catalog ... taxonomy... and searches!

Okie, now am off ... delving into DDC for more!

(boy! this feels good)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Mark the days! History is being made! the glory days return! YES!!! DELPHI is back!

Beloved Delphi is back.
Turbo Charged!

A Very emotional moment, when i heard about Turbo Explorer!
Long live Delphi! :)
More on the new Dev co. here.

(PS: I Would love a chance to get mainstream in delphi again! Pray this wish comes true sometime in the future!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This day in Computer History!

Borland Software opens for business in
Ireland with three employees in August 1981. Borland incorporates in
California in May 1982 under the leadership of Philip Kahn. Through the
1980s and 1990s, Borland develops and releases highly regarded software
products such as SideKick, Paradox, QuatroPro, Turbo Pascal, and Delphi.

... And am indebeted (indirectly) to borland, for having developed delphi which has provided me my bread and butter, for the past 10 years!