Friday, September 25, 2009


kinda oddly named for an imaging portal... - somebody was mentioning (a colleague - i suppose) about auntminnie today (i was stumped kinda when i got him spell the name for me) - first glance tells me this is a treasure trove of info.

Yet to dive deeper!

in reference to: Radiology and Imaging News, Information, Education and Services (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Another weekend zoomed past…

And i thought it was going to be difficult to kill time this weekend. and i proved to be wrong, thankfully!

#1. Working on my visual studio addin and reading – (simple..nothing hifi) helped on friday. And picking up dad from the railway station + some other small chores

#2. Saturday - dad’s birthday! & Sunday in puttaparthi –  a long bus journey (~5 hrs) after many months – and read through 3/4th of the first book of harry potter :) YES! me’s reading harry potter just now! Had nice dharshan @ parthi, met a kind lady who’s been a long time swami’s devotee & resident (thanks to dad) & got myself a swamy’s diary for 2010!

#3. Monday – back on to my comp. – with the addin & summarizing through the design school teachings & learnings, while working to complete the addin. By mid-day dad had developed a fever and took him to doc., by evening. He’s on medication, still running a temp. of 100-102. Late evening had the apartment owners’ meeting – and lo! this time, was better in control – not losing my temper / reacting much – in spite of the the usual provocations. And i’ve decided to hand over the maintenance responsibility to others. :)

But, too much of thoughts during the weekend, and felt more lonelier than ever (now too) (sathya & kiddo are at erode), the acute need for focus in priorities & a goal for self (thanks to other factors triggering these thoughts).

But anyways, as usual – getting over and finding things to keep me motivated! :) I Wish, really wish, i had/have friends close to heart! Hope this wish atleast comes true! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Test post

Hello world - from onboard vwada-ypr train - just off parthy!

On 9/20/09, Siva Rama Sundar <> wrote:
> Hello world from parthy rly stn.
> --
> Sent from Gmail for mobile |
> The Road goes ever on and on
> Down from the door where it began.
> Now far ahead the Road has gone,
> And I must follow, if I can,
> Pursuing it with eager feet,
> Until it joins some larger way
> Where many paths and errands meet.
> And whither then? I cannot say.
> Bilbo
> [JRR Tolkien, Lords of the Rings]

Sent from Gmail for mobile |

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
[JRR Tolkien, Lords of the Rings]

Monday, September 14, 2009


Negative waves…

Ask me how negative thoughts, a procrastinator and the “i’ve done my part” folks & ppl. who want to employ all their smartness in not taking ownership/responsibility but finding faults with others, even when we have a delivery the next day - can kill the waves of positive energy in and around them! Sigh!

But, am making progress here – certainly!

I Haven’t lost my temper, didn’t blow up and what more – was not even expressive of my feelings in the face (you’d know how much of a change it is – if you happen to know me personally :) )

But in spite of all this nonsensical (good) things, making me a balanced individual, I feel my passion has been dampened a lot.

No, by god’s grace, i haven’t let this affect me but only as a fuel for the fire to be on my toes and retain the best of the old ‘me’.


An energetic day…

A Wonderful day today … Very energetic start…

On an energetic day (such as today :)) – all the productive thoughts flood up – ideas, to-do's, best practices, wishes et. al, – all in one go! Way toooo many context switches i say!

I find it difficult in a way to handle such intense brain waves as they are very positive and i tend to lose them before capturing them in any form (as the successive waves come flowing in a torrent), so i can act upon them and track to completion.

How i wish to learn to master & control these thoughts, @ the speed of thought! :) :) :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


One memorable day @ ofc… :)



Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Second recognition, (or the step towards) i should say

I am nominated by some team mates, possibly from across teams (surprise, surprise) for the Best Employee of the month award.

But as the nominations & the result is announced at the same time, i get to see the nominees & winner at one go! :)

Well, NO i have not been awarded this time, but it certainly is a nice feeling to have been nominated.

That said, i’d have loved the reason for the nominations be more solid than what it seemed to be this time.

Let’s wait and watch!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Romantic weather and happy day(s)…

Oh Yes. Today certainly is romantic. Thanks to the beautiful weather.

Cloudy Blanket of Grey, a mildly cold wet breeze, pinhead drizzles … Just awesome!

Feels very European!

And a drive on the ORR, zooming in 80s, with nice songs from VettaiyaaduVelaiaadu & Unnale Unnale!

:) Gets be back to the dreamy old days, bitten by the travel bug … carefree and fearless!

And it was a happy nice weekend @ home too… Thanks to the kiddo with his cute chirpy blabbering & all that non stop jumping around. Ssssssssssoooo adorable!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Is it a crime to be a person not easily convinced?

Well, the question is about being penalised for being a person not easily convinced with things that happen around.

Be it at the office or at home! (Ahem! Looks like am on that ‘being the old bulldog’ path well in my 30’s than in my 60’s)

Am kinda dazed even as i write this.

{ Whenever am forced into a situation to think the way am doing now, this is the first question pops out to myself – “Am i what (even partly) that what i expect others to be?”

and me thinks that am not very unreasonable about that – as i don’t comment on things which i fundamentally don’t practice! And even when i do miss and get a googlee, am quick to accept & take the value out of it.


Oh, how much i yearn to be among people with fire! and be convinced about what am listening to and doing about!

Who’d be devoting all their smartness & intelligence in not finding ways to evade a task or challenge but to be game enough & have the guts to take the bull by the horns!

Who’d be not that cunning and conniving to not do things yet want the fruit of the same or even worse – being a ram (as in shaking the heads in acceptance) and sleeping over things.

Who’d not be whining about time and the complexity – even before giving a whole hearted try!

Who’d expect a pat as if they’ve done something great by getting the bag of garbage from their own homes to the bin out of the door?

imageWho can shamelessly point others’ faults while they themselves lie in the reeky stench of their own faults! - B**t***s!

And there’s this kind of wise ass cracks who wants to stick their neck out (always! if not ever) and be the god of finding faults while they don’t move a nail themselves!

If things aren’t the way they should be – ask and more importantly come up to the table & be bold enough to suggest a way out of the shit & follow the agreed solutions – walk the talk to reality!

Depend on others for every damn thing – and feel proud about their smartness - even for cutting vegetables?

Get a life losers – move up! It does hurt to be snubbed on the face with all your intelligence employed for the sake of nothing! Use it elsewhere! Make a difference!

Bull to Mediocrity!

{Please Imagine the gesture yourself! :) or may be i’d fish out an image for the same!


No, i’ve got to vent it out somewhere, sometime!

and This is it!

I feel so f*****g handicapped, not usually, but certainly in the state of mind that am in now!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Feels good to be …. Alive! :)

Yes – Really! After all these medicines & visits to the doctor and the uncertainties, coming to the office and getting back to do the routines is like … bliss! seriously!

A subtle reminder on how we take the life for granted!

Its good to be … Alive & Kicking! :) :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A Time when Buddha would have killed himself…

So ironic that a single seat of power displaces the quotient of right & wrong! When an army massacres it becomes an act to protect its homeland & suppress the insurgents & cleansing & what not - while the same being done without the seat of power is rebellion and terrorism and what not!

Spite to thee – to that ethnic majority – a heartless mass of barbarians acting on the fury of ethnicity  – calling themselves the followers of a noble saint who loved peace and could never stand brutality let alone to kill a life form.

Not that such a thing is happening or happened elsewhere in the world – but this – this is happening to your own people. The ones who speak your language – and hardly a few hours’ away from you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A Different kind of loneliness…

I have it all…

A generous share of happiness, an emotional rollercoaster of a family, equal share of concerns & issues… and the most precious of all, a rational & inquisitive mind – ever in search of knowledge and the ability to contemplate and accept, with a heart that places others before self!

It’s like being in multiple planes … of existence all at the same time.

  1. A very physical & emotional web of people -  family, friends & relations – a mixed conservative arena with well set bounds!
  2. Another plane of objective creativity – work, futuristic things et. al. with no bounds whatsoever.
  3. And finally this plane of self-realization, a space for myself where am left alone myself and with my thoughts. This is where it happens … the more i realize, the more i look inwards, the more lonelier i feel. All the books & writings point to a very simple fact of finding god within self and experience the oneness.And i just want that …. No more! But, am not even able to feel let alone “experience” – not even the distant presence of the vast oneness within me!

That calls for a still mind perhaps! :( In which case, am not even a toddler in that direction).

Oh but, how i would love to have a companion through this journey if not for the guiding spirit!

But something tells me, that I'll find what am looking for… if only i keep myself from straying away from the focus!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


From akilan & nasar on the death howls of eelam…

கடைசிச் சவம் வீழ்ந்த பின்பு

கட்டாயம் அறிவிக்கப்படும்

வெற்றி பெற்ற கடவுளின் பெயர்!

- s.a. nasar

(From the article on akilan’s book – from the anantha vikatan 2nd March Issue)

Heart wrenching!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What a following! :D hehehe…


Okie! My day is made! Thanks President! ;) That’s so considerate of you in the midst of all that saving the world – Am Honored!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tips for tweeting…


1) Don’t tell me what you are doing– tell me what you are thinking.

2) Don’t tell me where you are going– tell me what moves you.

3) Don’t just tell me you wrote a new blog post– tell me why you did it.

4) Don’t just notify– engage and inspire.

5) Make sure you follow, but also try to lead.

On second thoughts, this does apply for blogging as well!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Windows Live Writer…

Did i mention i started using windows live writer for blogging? Well, i should agree its a cool enough tool :) very much word like!

Nice features & simple to use!

More the use, more am i liking it.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Rather painful times and tidings…

Time for change? Not a question of choice anymore! :(

Being black/white and honestly expressive driven by the old value system - in this ***ked up world isn’t going to help me for sure! Hard realization. But life has to go on… and i

  1. Have to learn to contain myself (which would be having an almost killing effect on me – given the expressive person that i am) and mask my emotions & expressions! :(
  2. Have to learn to talk less! Mask More! (More than any logical reasoning one gives me, me & my style could simply be a threat to the long time pond dwellers!) – Roughly put, its hard to convince me in an argument/discussion unless i really really see the value! :(
  3. Have to draw the long pending tough line of separation between work & life and learn to live with it! Work has been the key driving factor so long in my career and life. Now this heartbreaking separation has to be done, to keep me sane and not to *be reactive*! my foot! :(
  4. Have to learn to fall in line with the flow, and allow myself to accept the idiosyncrasies and selfish attitudes driven by lack of sincerity and morality that am surrounded around! Not being a salmon anymore but one in the mass of a tuna shoal! (Ya, ya, but with the kind of shoal lacking the goodness / purpose of the need to be shoaling!)

All of a sudden i feel … terribly… Lonely! Is this another learning curve in life?

A Fish out of place!

A Fish almost heart broken and out of Water!


remembering Tevye and his dialogues with god in  the fiddler on the roof…

Sometimes I wonder, when it gets too quiet up there, if You are thinking, "What kind of mischief can I play on My friend Tevye?

I know, I know. I am your chosen puppet. But, once in a while, can't You choose someone else?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Not today either!

Sucks! Am yet in office …. I wanted badly to leave home by 6! Just i wrapped up my tasks, i got this last minute bug assigned to my name – a critical one at that!

Thanks a ton – dearest – am stuck here! Every other soul has gone! and especially the old timers – they punctually keep up their time – at least for going home if not for the deliverables!

That makes me more resolved to blindly shutdown whatever tasks i have by 6 sharp and head home!

Tomorrow – Tomorrow Definitely!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Oh yeah! before i sign off…

This is *really* something i wanted to blog before i sign off for the day!


Location : Loo!


Yippie…Inching towards the 200 mark in my linked in network … 1 more to go! ;)


Numbers are nice for once!

Perhaps, i should set a target to myself to make this 300+ in another 3 months’ time! Time to get all known PICians to LinkedIn. hehe!


Perhaps am overworking…

Feels like am on a overdrive these days… Just realize am at office in the morning and before i feel like going home, it turns dark.

Mmmmm, could it be the constant irritant effect on having to spend most of my productive energy in devising strategies warding the innocently smart maneuvers and about how to handle brats and smartasses and laggards and the really-have-no-clue-what’s-going-around me’s and getting things done … well or doing things myself! Whew!

Bring in change or Be the Change or Just Change :D Finally, i’ve to adopt the last – god forbid!

Oops! its already 7.45 and i had promised myself that i’ll head home by 6. Stupid me!

off me goes!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Need to blog more...

My blogging frequency has reduced to almost once a month! bad - should be doing the good things more often... :)

Monday, January 05, 2009


நீயா? நானா?

yesterday i was watching the episode of நீயா? நானா? in vijay tv. It was an interesting topic - Is Astrology true/false? Can and should one believe in Astrology?
The Pro astrology team was lacking any strong speakers and was in a pathetic shape to take on the *so called logical* questions of the other side.
It was a pity watching how they were being taken for a ride. (Unfortunately, this alone proves how weak and deep was the expertise :( )

As such am very neutral when it comes to this topic of Astrology. As a study, i have been awed by the length and breadth of rules, calculations and combinations of various factors and elements involved in the study of astrology. It isn't a conjured junk of vomit of imagination. Nope! whoever it was in the ancient past, who have come up with the study of astrology aren't any lesser genius(es). And this point was never emphasized by the pro Astrology group. Pity! They failed to set the strong base and thus in answering the actual questions.

Astrology by itself might remain a perpetually debated area of study, but it is certainly marred by the people who practice it. In this case, because of the lack of the practitioners' expertise and understanding of this vast ocean of a subject, the subject itself is given a black name. This was accepted well by the pro Astrology group themselves.

As i was watching - a doctor, who was on the other side was attacking with logical questions & his own interpretations of why astrology should not be believed. And discussing these they deviated to the subject of questioning the study of astrology itself with all the tell tale stupidness of the *learned ones* who wouldn't accept anything that they cannot fathom or understand with their puny little minds! This is what got me furious. Learned Fools!

Even a cursory peek in to the structure, relations, rules, factors, permutations and combinations & the calculations that make the basics of astrology, should really trigger a thought process in any decent man who'd like to call themselves learned, intelligent and wise. Yes! One should first learn to identify, inspect and respect any area of study (even the ones they dislike) to be fair. Failing which, i'd not qualify such a person fit to argue/discuss - as it would be foolish to do with a fool. They'd systematically drag us to their level and beat us! :)

Coming back, I had this itch of taking the same case against a proven scientific area - medicine.
  • The human body is a marvelous piece of engineering.
  • What more, it can heal itself.
  • Medicines are but helpers to this healing mechanism and they don't themselves are the cure *always*!
  • They stimulate and help the body to heal itself.
  • The ingredients of these medicines - herbs, minerals & metals - the potions etc., - well, nobody invented them by a flash of vision in their heads, while they were in the loo!
  • These were based on the observations, trial and error of research over the ages - by countless practitioners across the world.
  • In-fact, doctors don't know the roots & causes of many an ailment that affects a human body today.
  • And there are so many diseases which can't be cured either.
  • And to add to the pity, they don't even see the ailment holistically....
  • We have specialists... who treat individual organs of the body and forget the root cause - they treat the symptoms (I'd consider this more dangerous - Its like suppressing unhandled exceptions)!
  • Alas, but there are far and few who master the art of identifying, understanding, analysing & tracing back the symptoms to nail a particular ailment and provide treatment accordingly.
  • In medicine, the same symptom could be caused by various factors/ailments.
  • So, it comes to the doctor/practitioner to interpret the symptoms and provide treatment.
  • Now, which doctor do i trust? Two doctors interpret and prescribe medicines to the same ailment differently.
  • And today, we have ultra modern - sophisticated equipments, which take pictures of the body to help these practitioners diagnose... and make more money too.
So, my question is how reliable are medicine & doctors - and - how different are astrology & astrologers from medicine, on the grounds of expertise and application.
How much of medicine is left to hope, belief and prayer and how different is astrology?
When the question of which astrologer to trust, the same question arises to me - which doctor to trust?
Atleast astrology impacts directly on hope and belief of a human but in case of medicine, it directly affects the machinary that's called the human body.

The world has its share of great astrologers who are experts and predict accurate having their basic concepts strong and apply their knowledge with passion ... and great doctors who are experts in their area of work.

For either case, what matters fundamentally is the knowldge, concepts, depth of understanding, practice, passion towards their chosen subject and above all *Experience* (which comes only with time and instances posing challenges to be overcome).

I would rather summarize - we rather restrain ourselves from opinionating and be driven by lacklustre experiences to drive at conclusions on any study. Seldom is the science/art and their principles which are wrong - they are but an accumulated knowledge source of various minds woven through the fabric time - and to question them, is a privilege that i personally feel, we neither deserve nor are eligible/capable.

It is but the human touch - the practitionars of such science and art who might go wrong.
In this fast paced world, we jump to conclusions without due credit and contemplation, without analysis (or with wrong analysis - thanks to the poisioned mind which thinks they know it all!) and without realizing that everything is relative in this world! (Yes! All's relative in this world - Even right and wrong - true and false - they are all relative to one's levels of knowledge)

Bottomline: It is we who are wrong... Our beliefs and understanding is half baked... We make the wrong choices... We are the ones who can't accept things as they happen! By questioning others and in the name of "பகுத்தறிவு" - we are just trying to find a hole in the sink to let out the filth and intellegently convincing/making believe ourselves superior ... Superior Fools!

One who has questions will search ...
and find answers...
and when he knows in his heart - reaching a point of realization that he doesn't have the bandwidth for ascertaining "right" and "wrong" - while analysing the answer...
He learns to accept. To accept that he is limited by his knowledge.
Once accepted the same question would not arise again...
he'd be filled with peace and silence. :)

And He'd be filled with a different question the next time.
This time his earlier acceptance would have enhanced his knowledge...
Leading him to the next levels of realization...
And the layers of life, the levels of realization will unfold as that of an onion.

Finally, it all leads to - whether you accept or not!
Acceptance is the base for true knowledge.