Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Books i want to Read:

India Divided: Diversity and Democracy under Attack (Paperback)
by Vandana Shiva

Friday, April 21, 2006


Mgmt. : Words of Wisdom : #1

I have always wanted to capture the words of wisdom that my boss showers upon me, whenever am facing a problem and approach him with it. Lot many of these pearls were lost, to be buried in my mind and applied while facing a particular problem. Henceforth, am going to capture these here in my blog (for my own reference and for the benefit of my readers).

Problem #1.
Your peers / superiors bypass you (intentionally / un-intentionally) to reach your subordinates and forget to keep you in loop.

Solution #2.
  1. Make sure the sub-ordinate informs you [officially] of such communication / requests before he processes / acts upon it. (you have to earn this privilege within your team, though)
  2. Have him/her to reply back to you, copying the original requestors in the cc, as to what he is supposed to do & asking for your guidance.
  1. This shows your peers / superiors, that they have not done the right thing by bypassing you to your sub-ordinate
  2. This shows your team depends upon you for guidance
  3. Reminds everybody involved about the existance of the process & etiquitties everybody should adhere to
  4. Avoids any undercurrents and puts the requestors off balance, with no other way to respond but communicate to you directly

Monday, April 17, 2006


Bangalore? Silicon Valley? BOOOOOO!!! Where ARE we?

13th Apr 2006
Bangalore burns!

  • 8 people killed
  • Over 250 Injured
  • An estimated $160 Million loss
  • Vehicles set to fire
  • Mob on crazy, mindless rampage
Rajkumar's demise comes as a loss, true!
But the aftermath, the mindless rage and violence raises many disturbing questions!
The IT City with 6 Mil. ppl., came to a standstill for the next two days. UnImaginable.
Crores of loss.
And the inability of the police force to control the mob was so edivent and shocking on the live broadcast.
In fact, the police was running for their dear lives out of a bus being stoned by the mob.

To watch the vehicles burn and the cheering mob surrounding the burning vehicle was literally a bunch of monkeys around a bonfire - mindless, thoughtless, sadistic, moraleless, braindead, illiterate.
As a vehicle owner myself, i could just imagine the plight of the poor owner.
And my blood boils!
The impact is not very healthy - money apart, the stress, fears, hate, anger, and the rage of emotions triggered by such displays!

None of the so called "fans", who were on the rampage showed any trace of the thespian's loss / sadness but rather cheering and jumping monkeylike running around throwing stones and wrecking havoc.

What "fans" would not oblige to the pleadings of Dr. RajKumars' sons / wife, to let them do the last rites in peace?

How safe are "we" - "the comman man", the tax payer, the so called mass, in this democratic country?
How will there ever be any sanity, with this kind of mass?
What can be done to bring in the self awareness among such mob on rampage?

Are we as people so mallable, that anybody can provocate such sporadic violence???!!!

Democracy by definition is
   - of the people,
   - by the people and
   - for the people.

Does this apply for anything on the name of democracy?
Violence included???!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


One Hundred Lessons for Project Managers from NASA


A Interesting read from niceguyeddie's blog.

100 Lessons for Project Managers, from NASA

Some of them are very much applicable to what am doing.
Got to read & Contemplate in depth. Got to steal some time to read this at home!

Reading now...


Reading the "Eldest", sequel to the "Eragon", by Christopher Paolini.
I had finished reading Eragon during feb and had been wanting to read the sequel since then.
Finally, last sunday i managed to get myself a cheap copy of the "Eldest", from a roadside bookseller after a fine bargain.

I Somehow love the magical, adventure filled realms created by the skilled words and imagination of these writers. JRR Tolkiens' words are the most captivating when it comes this kind of writing. No words to express the excitement of living in that imaginary realm.


Updated to the latest version of HelpNDoc. => v1.81
this is a cool tool for creating chm files / html help. IBE Software - HelpNDoc
Quick and fast creation using keyboard.
PS: i hardly ever use my mouse. ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Countries visited [including the ones i've just set my foot on]

Whew! Doesn't it feel good??!!
but then, there's another 94% of the world left to explore!
some day before i die - i should atleast cover 70%.
(:D) God willing, i'd love to have this dream come true!

Visited Countries

Countries i've visited so far. [14 countries (6%)]
2006.04.10 [14.43]

I fixed this wierd problem on my thinkpad today. (atlast)
my sound card stopped working suddenly! (Soundmax pro, which is part of the T43) But the funny thing is WinXP - Device Manager reports all is fine.

But the "sounds and audio devices" has all the tabs & options disabled. To think of touching the drivers / reinstallation is like having a heart attack, since my T43 is loaded with goodies collected over a period of time and it will take me a good full week to restore my system to normal after a reinstall.

after breaking the heads and googling over, finally found the solution!
and a :) pretty simple / stupid one, as such!

A week earlier, i had disabled the "Windows Audio" service (which had caused me all this trouble). I just restarted the service and bang, all's normal again. My sound card is working like a song!

a lesson learnt!