Friday, October 15, 2004

Here i am folks....
mmm, Should i say back with a bang after a break of a month or so?

More importantly, what brings me rushing back to my blog,
is Google!!! (Not even my new Sony Ericsson p800, gave me such a kick
as to jump on to my blog to brag

yes, the Google Labs, has released
the desktop google, which allows me to run a google search
on my own desktop...

Got to be envied the way google's moving ... to its heights?
Its irresistable not to use Google Desktop.!!!

man, and the ideas, talk about google... its igniting a spark within...
to carve a niche for oneself!

Whew! oh man, i certainly do envy the folks at google! lol.

Just installed the Desktop Google and the initial search
results are pretty impressive.

What next google?
Search into Hetreogeneous databases?
or not but to think a bit futuristic...
a VR Google?
Google to search your brains - sorting and sifting out info. of lost pointers
with a bio mind searching google?

mmm ... one day perhaps!