Sunday, November 28, 2004

Today was kamal's birthday... and its almost a month up since his marriage...
had been to his home, for a nice memorable evening.
A Hearty Dinner, with a prelude - cake cutting... turned
interesting with a naughty bunch of candles which kept springing back to life
every time he blew 'em off and this continued for awhile until he won - finally
blowing off the candles!

And unknown of the next surprise awaiting - piece of cake on his face,
from his wife.!!!

We'd been watching his marriage album and the CD,
and it was a nice evg, with loads of laughter and life.

and not to forget, is the care and affection we folks stand
to receive from his mom and dad - mom, especially!

Its a great feeling and there are but far and few left out there, in this date...
like 'em!

in my life - i've been gifted in more than one ways - inspite of the hardships, which
includes the care and affection from two warm hearted women,
my aunt and kamal's mother! :)