Monday, December 20, 2004

The Weekend

it was after quite a while, that i've done this...
two movies out in the theatres - in consecutive days!!!

Our (me, venu, anand and kamal ) target was to watch 'swades'.
but after our futile efforts to get the tickets at cauvery, over the counter and
shunning to pay double for the price, in black... we ended up hopping theaters
to sangeetha and to rex. And it being a saturday and it was already 5 when we left
cauvery, we just couldn't manage to get the tickets!

What the heck, i decided that since we were out for a movie, we will get to watch one.
what if its just not 'swades'?!!!

So, cuz of me putting my foot down, we ended up going for 'ocean's twelve'!!!
Oh man. what a turn off!!! Pathetic - it was such an expensive blunder, the director hoping it to be an
intelligent plot!!! ewww. waste of time and money!
just barely escaped getting beaten up from my friends, for choosing that one!

Well, what the heck - since we had actually wanted to watch 'Swades' - we decided
we'd do the same on sunday!!!

and whew, i just got a bit more than normally absorbed by that movie.
hats off to asuthosh gowarikar - a very professional movie, great screenplay,
good casting if not to match that of lagaan and last but not least - Gayatri Joshi :D

But, man, inspite of the beautiful - gorgeous gayatri joshi - the movie had left a profound impact ...
of what we (me first) have done, doing and will do for our country...

not to say that we get to see enough of the heart wrenching scenes - and to hear the happenings -
of suppression, poverty and much more!!!

for some unknown reason, i had just put myself in the shoes of mohan (SRK) in the movie, asking myself
what have i been and what have i done ... apart from my thoughts and good will to the betterment of
my country!!!??

Nope, this wasn't the kinda josh after a patriotic movie... but more of a knife of guilt slicing through.
this was kinda fuelled with my and anand's earlier discussions on the same line...

i want to make a difference, to try and to act, in whatever possible small ways, and i'd be glad the
day i can watch the changes in this country!!!


Vee said...

hey sundar... i felt exactly the same way after seeing swades. having being an NRI all my life, these days I find myself feeling pangs of missing the 'homeland' and wondering what I could possibly do there.