Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of August 07!

Third quarter of 07 turned out to be one of a kind in the career front!
Too many developments..., Too many happenings...!
Mostly not very positive.

Key people quitting, Delayed deliveries, Technical issues, execution failures ... all in a bunch and at the same time!
wouldn't say its all back to normal yet, but i do see light at end of the tunnel.

of most, am disappointed with myself, angry, dis-satisfied and dis-oriented.
should get retro. and battle out this feeling!

by god! this time - am nuts! the morale and strength gauges have hit rock bottom like never!
makes me to look back to the old days of Myself-Tech-Comp-Books-Ciggies-solitude.

Should find something involving and satisfying to get back up to my normal self!


REVA said...

Sundar, did you read any of the below 3 books ?

- Malgudi days
- GTD by david allen
- Paper on Hinduism by Swami Vivekananda

Just try any of of the books to divert your mind :)

odysseus said...

Thanks a ton dude,

i'd read swamy and friends not malgudi days (not in the recent past).

GTD kinda hits it on the nail (i'd got the ebook on my comp since almost an year and not reading it!) Time is now :)

I want to stay away from religion/philosophy for a while, as it triggers quite some thought process and gets me into an endless recursive loop of analysis! (can't help it!)