Friday, June 27, 2008

did i say i changed my phone?

well, it wasn't a willful thing...
with all the trouble in taking calls, i would not have parted away with my p800!

alas, it happened so - one wretched day, on a foul mood and furious temper took away my rationale for a moment and the poor p800 had its final kiss of life on a mortal embrace with the wall, ending up a vegetable.

The display is gone totally, though i occasionally feel the starting tremors of the battery when i try to switch it on. I still have hopes to recover all the precious data within.

So, i switched on to a new phone.
Back to nokia after almost 4+ years with sony ericsson.

I got myself a slim n tall beauty - The nokia E51!
I should say, it has already found its place with me, seldom letting me remember the absence of my good old p800.

:) One of those very few material possessions i cherish for in life.