Monday, July 20, 2009

Is it a crime to be a person not easily convinced?

Well, the question is about being penalised for being a person not easily convinced with things that happen around.

Be it at the office or at home! (Ahem! Looks like am on that ‘being the old bulldog’ path well in my 30’s than in my 60’s)

Am kinda dazed even as i write this.

{ Whenever am forced into a situation to think the way am doing now, this is the first question pops out to myself – “Am i what (even partly) that what i expect others to be?”

and me thinks that am not very unreasonable about that – as i don’t comment on things which i fundamentally don’t practice! And even when i do miss and get a googlee, am quick to accept & take the value out of it.


Oh, how much i yearn to be among people with fire! and be convinced about what am listening to and doing about!

Who’d be devoting all their smartness & intelligence in not finding ways to evade a task or challenge but to be game enough & have the guts to take the bull by the horns!

Who’d be not that cunning and conniving to not do things yet want the fruit of the same or even worse – being a ram (as in shaking the heads in acceptance) and sleeping over things.

Who’d not be whining about time and the complexity – even before giving a whole hearted try!

Who’d expect a pat as if they’ve done something great by getting the bag of garbage from their own homes to the bin out of the door?

imageWho can shamelessly point others’ faults while they themselves lie in the reeky stench of their own faults! - B**t***s!

And there’s this kind of wise ass cracks who wants to stick their neck out (always! if not ever) and be the god of finding faults while they don’t move a nail themselves!

If things aren’t the way they should be – ask and more importantly come up to the table & be bold enough to suggest a way out of the shit & follow the agreed solutions – walk the talk to reality!

Depend on others for every damn thing – and feel proud about their smartness - even for cutting vegetables?

Get a life losers – move up! It does hurt to be snubbed on the face with all your intelligence employed for the sake of nothing! Use it elsewhere! Make a difference!

Bull to Mediocrity!

{Please Imagine the gesture yourself! :) or may be i’d fish out an image for the same!


No, i’ve got to vent it out somewhere, sometime!

and This is it!

I feel so f*****g handicapped, not usually, but certainly in the state of mind that am in now!