Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Adventures and a taste of 4 elements

yes - two adventures in a day and a taste of 4 of the 5 elements in play.
All in a day's time!
And god's grace above all.

Been para sailing - thanks to my cousin for a last minute call. Wind and sky. Though it was a few short minutes, it was a refreshing experience.

Ran up with the chute on tow, along with my other cousin by my side, up-wind until we were airborne. Of course i had to tuck my knees in during the ascend as the rise was low.

The next few minutes were a mix of liberation, a tinge of fear, awe and peace as we soared in the sky, hands stretched, with my wild cries of excitement filling the air.

Dad, mom, cousins and the others around, the trees, terra firma shrank to miniature art as we moved up, with the pure, pleasant wind cuddling us, providing up the real bird's eye view for the next 5 mins.

Just as we lowered altitude the wind picked up, moving us up and little more up, playfully, raising the excitement. That was an extension of our few mins of affair with the three elements - earth, wind and sky.

The descent was smooth with an easy landing. I did miss sathya throughout. Would have been nice to have her next to me in mid air.

The other notable thing was dad's flight. Yes, at 65 he flew, running and landing in spite of his age. Hats off to his spirits and the will. Touch-wood!

The other adventure was with earth and water, on our way back. But that is a quite a post in itself. So, it's to be continued... :)