Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On awareness, learning’s & wisdom…

I am on the couch pulling the socks up my ankle, while my eyes wander at the book shelf in the opposite wall, scanning sub-consciously and to lock on the biography of che guavera.

Thoughts race fast in my mind about che, the idealist, revolutionary, and a flood of questions follow on things other than knowing his life & hardships.

IMHO, knowing about the lives of such revolutionaries (the “What” part), is akin to fiction at worst, while providing info., awareness at best.

It’s the “how” part, that holds the magic of their success :).

  • What did they do to achieve what they did?
  • How did the go about doing it?
  • How was Che able to reach to the people? How could he win them over?
  • What are the qualities to be consistent?
  • What did they do when they were de-motivated?
  • What kind of friends & support systems did they have?
  • Were they all reckless eccentrics, ready to risk & sacrifice a few for the common good?
  • What were their strategies & tactics?
  • What was their Vision & how did they achieve them? the Missions?
  • How did they develop their “organization”, the second line below them?
  • Was it more hero worship & adoration? Was it the socio-economic conditions?
  • How did they generate the bonding between their followers?

And the “Why” part is more of wisdom. The Need. The Philosophy, et. al.

So, knowing the “how” part is actual learning :) from any visionary. This is the core, pragmatic tips that i can apply in the real life. But, does the biographies are as vivid to capture the how part?

i need to find out more. this would be a project in itself.