Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Rare Phenomenon - Amazing Rainbow(s)!

Today bangaloreans were blessed with an amazing glimpse of nature’s smile - a *full* rainbow - Full bright and a whole 180, the colours of spectrum were amazing. Even the violet was fully visible.

And as a double delight, there was another rainbow over the first one – the first ever dual rainbows i’ve seen in my life (faintly visible in the last pic.). Awesome!

this was a moment i sorely missed my SLR / digital cam. Sad smile 

But then, thanks to my G-Fit, i got to capture a few full panorama shots. Enjoy!

Nature’s smile!

2011-06-04 17.26.50

Perfect Arch!

2011-06-04 17.23.332011-06-04 17.22.14

Double Delight!2011-06-04 17.25.40