Thursday, November 24, 2011

Morale Booster

Discussing with shekar is always a morale booster. SmileBe it advice or be it about finding common blunders we end up both committing with! We end up laughing out at the dire situations (most often than not) lightening the mood and easing the tensions.

It’s a solace to have at-least one such soul to the rescue when my head is fried up and disturbed. With whom i don’t mind getting beaten up mutually.

From where we started, we ended up discussing quite a lot ending our discussions with religion.

What is clear is the need for channelizing my usually abounding energies, flooding thoughts into crystal clear communication. Clear, Crisp and Precise. No thinking aloud.

And that’d mean some practice.

To start with writing that down or as a visual.

Which would gate my thoughts and would do the magic.

To put things in simple terms that would be understood and comprehended well.

Causing less confusions and with a measured flow of output, without overwhelming the listeners.

In the process, i shall reduce the need for moving back and forth – to get the right words & right way of forming my sentences. In fact, it is so evident even as i pen this. The measure : No. of backspaces, corrections and changes to the text made – structurally, grammatically and in the choice of vocabulary.

The more i think, the more i see the value of it! SmileAnd to think i used to do this and demand it from others in the past is bemusing. This used to happen in the context of writing programs wherein one has to put their thoughts in paper and workout before hitting the comp., for clarity of thoughts and to code effectively.

Thanks again shekar! Doing this rigorously would help me address many things – both at office and at home.

Oh yeah, and we ended up with the mutual agreement that we should blog more! Winking smile


Back to what i had done yesterday during the technical discussion :

It is the silliest thing i could imagine and do, on as an after-thought.

I’ve overlooked the intent of the question and stuck to my understanding, without being able to divert myself to think in the needed perspective to answer the question.

Where the discussion was about scalability – i had stuck with scaling out and missed out to draw the need for scaling for better performance.

Where performance is determined on the availability of resources – CPU, Memory, Network, Storage – i had blissfully missed the crux, and never spoke about scaling in or scaling out!

So stupid of me! Sad smileI need to better understand the situation, the speaker, the context and the intent to respond appropriately!