Thursday, May 04, 2006

Troubles of the Fishy kind!!!

This happened a couple of days before.    Monday, May 1st to be precise. Dad bought a new fish bowl (in addition to the two aquarium we have), out of the blues.

I've to tell here why he bought it so. Longback, when the aquarium was set up, i had got along a few cichlids (locally known as the "blue morph"). These cichlids are quite territorial in nature and are rather aggressive and at times - ferocious. This had prevented dad in introducing any new fishes. (I'd given up going near the aquariums since dad started showing interest!) and thus, for the past cpl of months' dad had wanted to get rid of these cichlids.

back to our story, dad moved the cichlids down to the bowl, and i could do nothing but watch hopelessly and help him do that! (Resistance is futile you see!!!).

And the thrid evening after this relocations, i found the bowl empty to my dismay. To my shock, mom told me the cichlids had kicked the bucket just the day after they were relocated.

Sigh!!! Arrrrrggggghh!

I've got them when they were merely a few cm's in length and to watch them grow to a cpl of inches (almost 4-5) over a years' time. Sad to see them gone!

But now, as the saying goes, all is for good, my main aquarium is free of any aggressors (apart from a tiger barb) and is all set to play host for a melange fishy community.

Well, that is not all to the fishy troubles... there's More that happened on that fateful day. I'll write about soon as find more time.