Friday, May 26, 2006


M is recovering if not a bit slow, after the last week's disasters. Her blood sugars are under control now and following the diet & time.
Though she is still not back to her normal self.

In the process of her treatment, i had taken her to diacon, the diabetic speciality clinic in rajajinagar 1st block.
Man, had to say god was with us and he guided us to the right place at last, if not after all the sufferings.

A Humane clinic, with a humane treatment - they exactly knew what they were doing - the right things for a diabetic patient.
Right from food to the medications and to all the questions we had. They have a very nice presentation on diabetes which they play to all the patients, explaining the what's, why's, when's and how's along with do's and don'ts very patiently.

Spoke to the doctor, arvind, on contributing to the community of diabietics - anything that is possible from my side.
planning to launch a website / a patient friendly portal for diabetics.