Tuesday, July 18, 2006

blogspot.com blogs blocked by indian isp's

From Yesterday onwards, the blogspot.com domain is no more accessable : Thanks to the indian government and the Indian ISP's.
Now i've to find ways / another blog server to move my posts.

Sigh! why does the govt. want to do that???!!!
What is going to be achived by this blockade?
Is this a mistaken move by the ISP's - blocking the whole domain instead of blocking a certain special blogs?

How long will it take for these blocked blogs to reappear in different servers, across the www?
How can this extra terrestrial intelligent prevent using public proxy servers to access the banned domains?
Is it not in the human nature, such regimentation will lead to finding ways to bypass these limitations (which could be more intimidating!!!)

Buliding dams over the www? eh?!!

Intelligent Babu's!!!
Foolish moves!!

When will this blockade be over?