Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finally! uploaded my pics!

Today morning as i was browsing through my latest ajaxian rss feed, i found a mention of this new AJAX offering called "Twango"! At the first glance, i thought it was one other in the countless AJAX driven social sites, which keep mushrooming day in and out!

But wait, it turned out to be a pleasent surprise as i chose to give it a try. The features are awesome! Simple, elegant, fast, easy and straight forward. And all for FREE!

I'll have to write a seperate post enumerating all its features! :) my! me's started liking this site very much.
Well, it has atleast got me successfully motivated to publish all my collection of photos.

I just started with some selected pics from the NYC trip during may/june 2004.

check it out! check it out!