Monday, August 14, 2006

Tip # : Zeroing in on searches effectively

While trying to find info. on an topic, where you don't have any specific starting point or even a concrete phrase
to base your searches on, the following approaches might help.

Taking a case, wrt., our website data organization and the IA, i wanted to check out on the cataloging / organization of
data as a part of the study of library sciences and the search and retrieval process as that was the closest thing our
business need would match.

I remember to have read a specific kind of mechanism / numbering system / algorithm related to the categorization of huge
volumes of data. But the search was not going be easy, as the subject of my search itself was a non precise, vague rememberance at best described in my own words.

Not good .. Not any good at all.

So, what do i have in my hands? Just a few words to state precisely. and to begin with.

a. Library Science
b. Algorithm
c. Some kind of numbering system / Maths
d. Organization / Cataloging mechanism
e. Classification System

#1. Google for any of the various phrases
#2. Check out the wikipedia, for the subject you search (for ex. library science)
#3. Check out for online glossaries related to library science

and after hitting onto a library sciences glossary, voila, found what i wanted :

Dewey Decimal (DDC) scheme.

Whew! And it took a best part of 20-30 mins!

now getting deeper into Dewey Decimal Classification, it is becoming more clear that i can pick up some very interesting and releavent points which can be applied onto our business - but for achieving similar purposes - to organize, catalog and retrieve vast amounts of information, quick and easy. Oh yeah - the DDC also talks about retrieving related info., along with the exact!

Perfect - for our catalog ... taxonomy... and searches!

Okie, now am off ... delving into DDC for more!

(boy! this feels good)