Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Wicket Down! :(

Actually the day started pleasent, and i was in good spirits riding my way to office, thought crunching on the tons of things to be done!
Immediately after i reached my seat, in the next 5 mins, it happened!
K came over with full of enthusiasm to give me the horrendous info. totally unexpected news. K, one of the best of my team had been offered a lucrative, irresistable - a secure central govt., academic / research job!
A Catch 22 situation it was! Should i be happy as a person for K's achievement n honour and let him go or to be selfish and ask him to stay!

and Its always the tough choice for me!
Finally let him go, happily!

The choice leaves a vaccum within, for some reason!
May be am disappointed on the sudden loss / on having to digest the parting!
This is the third parting in the past 6 months!
I keep parting ways from people who are close to me. and I thought god had taken a break of his habitual fun on me, this way!

Sigh, i guess life goes on...