Monday, October 30, 2006

The Delightful Oscar Tale - a tale of two oscars!

:) Catchy title! ain't it?!

Well as the title says it, this is the story of my two oscars - their youth, present and the future!
One of the two juvenile oscars survived and the other kicked the bucket for yet unidentified reasons! And that got me pretty sad!
The Surviving Oscar, i'd call him jack (Jack of titanic / Jack the ripper! / Jack sparrow of PoC) is doing all fine and has even grown an inch, with
a visible trace of his bulging belly and aggressive showoff stunts.

Jack's habitat got a bit murky over the initial couple of weeks, thanks to his messy eating habits and some mad fungi!
This combination had got the tank with a layer of swaying, dancing mossy threads and started getting yuk by the day (by the smells too!)
Finally i dragged up my courage to change the substrate gravel and replace it with beautiful greenish tinted stones with a nice dark, TT shaped bed room(?!!) for jack.

To my delight jack started improving and happily settled down over the weeks. He even somersaults out of the tank, esp. when he is hungry and i open the lid of the tank with his food still in my hand. :) Cool Aqua-batics! But his loneliness was always a nagging thing for me for multiple reasons! One is that i don't want him to become a brat being single! (lol. kidding!) After a futile search for the last couple of weeks' to find him a partner of his size, finally got a black tiger oscar juvenile to be jack's partner. i'd call her jill (or Rose may be?!). (Well, all this goes on the good assumption that Jack happens to be a guy and Jill happens to be a girlie! I ain't sure with the gender/sex of the fishes yet!). it'll take awhile!

But to my dismay i found jill to be a lil younger than jack, both in the size and attitude. From the moment i let jill in jack's habitat, he's behind her - mad! There are all elements of malasa here - flirting up fin to fin, darting past end to end putting up a speed show, rubbing noses, love(?!) bites, aquabatic chasing sequences, dancing around the rocks et al. And Jack is the one on the tail and Jill is on the run, always, and the tank has become alive with a lot of activity! :) One thing i've yet to decipher is if that's fighting foulplay or a playful dual in knowing each other!
Well, I'd get to know that for sure if i get to see jill alive when i get back home! lol! well, believe me, i haven't seen jack being so active, playful and aggressive as this far!

... Tales to continue