Thursday, January 25, 2007

Junior ME! :)

15th Jan 2007
Pongal Release...!

blessed with Junior ME. a sweet little baby boy.

junior chose to come almost 12 days before the eta. :)
may be the storks were proactively ahead of the delivery schedule.

it turned out to be quite a nice story, of his release, in spite of the tensions and crossed fingers.

i was fortunate enough destined to get to hold junior in my hands.
Yes! it was an exhilerating experience to see hold my son - in flesh.

he was small, fragile, pink with long limbs and long fingers...
and so very helpless...
yet so - the bundle of joy! :)

and i was almost in tears.

... to be continued


kskuppu said...

I feel that there are certain emotions which can not be captured with words.
you are trying to register one such emotion.
Is the junior with u or @ native?