Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another weekend zoomed past…

And i thought it was going to be difficult to kill time this weekend. and i proved to be wrong, thankfully!

#1. Working on my visual studio addin and reading – (simple..nothing hifi) helped on friday. And picking up dad from the railway station + some other small chores

#2. Saturday - dad’s birthday! & Sunday in puttaparthi –  a long bus journey (~5 hrs) after many months – and read through 3/4th of the first book of harry potter :) YES! me’s reading harry potter just now! Had nice dharshan @ parthi, met a kind lady who’s been a long time swami’s devotee & resident (thanks to dad) & got myself a swamy’s diary for 2010!

#3. Monday – back on to my comp. – with the addin & summarizing through the design school teachings & learnings, while working to complete the addin. By mid-day dad had developed a fever and took him to doc., by evening. He’s on medication, still running a temp. of 100-102. Late evening had the apartment owners’ meeting – and lo! this time, was better in control – not losing my temper / reacting much – in spite of the the usual provocations. And i’ve decided to hand over the maintenance responsibility to others. :)

But, too much of thoughts during the weekend, and felt more lonelier than ever (now too) (sathya & kiddo are at erode), the acute need for focus in priorities & a goal for self (thanks to other factors triggering these thoughts).

But anyways, as usual – getting over and finding things to keep me motivated! :) I Wish, really wish, i had/have friends close to heart! Hope this wish atleast comes true! :)