Monday, September 14, 2009

Negative waves…

Ask me how negative thoughts, a procrastinator and the “i’ve done my part” folks & ppl. who want to employ all their smartness in not taking ownership/responsibility but finding faults with others, even when we have a delivery the next day - can kill the waves of positive energy in and around them! Sigh!

But, am making progress here – certainly!

I Haven’t lost my temper, didn’t blow up and what more – was not even expressive of my feelings in the face (you’d know how much of a change it is – if you happen to know me personally :) )

But in spite of all this nonsensical (good) things, making me a balanced individual, I feel my passion has been dampened a lot.

No, by god’s grace, i haven’t let this affect me but only as a fuel for the fire to be on my toes and retain the best of the old ‘me’.