Monday, April 10, 2006

2006.04.10 [14.43]

I fixed this wierd problem on my thinkpad today. (atlast)
my sound card stopped working suddenly! (Soundmax pro, which is part of the T43) But the funny thing is WinXP - Device Manager reports all is fine.

But the "sounds and audio devices" has all the tabs & options disabled. To think of touching the drivers / reinstallation is like having a heart attack, since my T43 is loaded with goodies collected over a period of time and it will take me a good full week to restore my system to normal after a reinstall.

after breaking the heads and googling over, finally found the solution!
and a :) pretty simple / stupid one, as such!

A week earlier, i had disabled the "Windows Audio" service (which had caused me all this trouble). I just restarted the service and bang, all's normal again. My sound card is working like a song!

a lesson learnt!