Friday, April 21, 2006

Mgmt. : Words of Wisdom : #1

I have always wanted to capture the words of wisdom that my boss showers upon me, whenever am facing a problem and approach him with it. Lot many of these pearls were lost, to be buried in my mind and applied while facing a particular problem. Henceforth, am going to capture these here in my blog (for my own reference and for the benefit of my readers).

Problem #1.
Your peers / superiors bypass you (intentionally / un-intentionally) to reach your subordinates and forget to keep you in loop.

Solution #2.
  1. Make sure the sub-ordinate informs you [officially] of such communication / requests before he processes / acts upon it. (you have to earn this privilege within your team, though)
  2. Have him/her to reply back to you, copying the original requestors in the cc, as to what he is supposed to do & asking for your guidance.
  1. This shows your peers / superiors, that they have not done the right thing by bypassing you to your sub-ordinate
  2. This shows your team depends upon you for guidance
  3. Reminds everybody involved about the existance of the process & etiquitties everybody should adhere to
  4. Avoids any undercurrents and puts the requestors off balance, with no other way to respond but communicate to you directly