Friday, June 23, 2006

It starts a trickle ... and ... well, its better to keep an eye open

Apple Out & Forresters' Voice
"" Uneasy with the high attrition and wage inflation in India's IT and related sectors, many MNCs are mulling to exit their captive units here, says international market research company Forrester Research Inc. ""

Pervasive Logs out
"" The Austin-based Pervasive that offers data infrastructure software, said that it was shutting down its Bangalore-based subsidiary because of high costs of labour and other factors in the market. ""

Not to sound alarming / pessimistic, happened to read out a column in the times of india, today's edition on the rising employee costs in the IT Sector and Heavy attrition. The column says indian employees cost 80-85% of the US Cost.

Can we do something about it?!