Monday, June 12, 2006


Day before yesterday, Saturday (10.06.2006) me and venu had ventured out on a commercial st., stray walk after quite a looooooooooong time. (well, yes - all the earlier misgivings and misunderstandings were patched by now. :) )

As to continue with my reading spree of the mythical fiction, I wanted to get the The Bartimaeus Trilogy of jonathan stroud. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a piece with my regular vendor. bad luck. but wait, something else caught my eye. The Google Story.

I Picked up book by impulse and ran running through a few pages by random. I was tempted. Though i was in a very mood to pick up a book of fiction, i settled upon this one. Awesome read, i have to say. One hell of a story it is. :)

Already started loving this book and this would change my previous opines on google as a company and its young founders.
More than anything it is awe inspiring. No much words to express the mix of feelings, as i read on the story. i've already completed 80pages through the book on sunday, even as i had to steal bits and pieces of time as you can imagine how it is in an traditional indian household, to be able to left on your own... esp. on a weekend. SIGH!! :)

:: sivaramasundar