Friday, December 15, 2006

Sundar the Zipper?

Brigade Road Signal, until Suleh circle.
10.15 am

Ah not again - there goes another one... and another!
Sigh! I need to let them know.

I steer to my left and nudge my way forward up front, trying to reach that forgetful poor homo sapien on the motor with two wheels and his hands upon the rod, riding all forgetful, with his backpack glued to his back.

i reach out a position - on a horizontal line - to the guy in the motor - with a car seperating him n me....
and i honk.... once ... twice.... third and the motorist turns around right and left... and behind...

and whew - catches me - sitting inside the car and waving my hands up n down in an angle - and with a sudden realization... reaches back to his back pack - pulling it in front - to find ...

The ZIP (of his backpack) Wide Open! :)

bandah zips it up, turns back and drops a foolish smile thanking me, before he speds past the now turned green signal.
Sure it does make me feel happy in a peculiar way. esp. the foolish smile - cursing himself for being forgetful and thanking me.

And it didn't happen once but twice (two different motorists) within the stretch of Brigade road signal to suleh circle.

PS : The random title was my wandering mind's word play thru the drive to office. :D catchy rite?! LOL This isn't the first time me being a Zipper - it is kinda thing that happens on and off through my morning drive to office - many a days in the past!