Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Exams!!! After almost 10 years!

Wrote my first PG exam, after almost 10 years.
felt like being in school all over again.
i still have my hands paining, thanks to writing nonstop for 2+ hours.

sigh!!! 3 more exams to go!
3 more days of pain.

oh and todays' exams were ok-ok.

wish only the paper evaluator, can understand my handwriting.
all will be evident, when the results are out! ;) hoping for the best.


kskuppu said...

@ Sundar Sir,

Congrats !
What r all the exams d u have this sem ?
Is there exist any practical exams ?

Are u using Color Sketches ?

Upstream fish said...

1. data structures & algo
2. rdbms
3. microprocessor arch.
4. oops!

+ 2 practicals for ds&a, oops, rdbms

me, using sketches?
nope! not in the exams! all my art work is on my documents ;). not on the exam answer sheets.

kskuppu said...

@ Sundar Sir,

OOPS practical for u sounds very
exciting for me.

Let's see how the University Evaluates you?
All the Best.