Tuesday, December 05, 2006

its just 3 weeks of gap and looks like eternity...

It is just 3 weeks since my last post and it already seems like a whole eternity...

Tons of Issues .... one after the other ... it was literally raining problems.
Most were to do with our infrastructure stuff.

And oh boy, what a nightmare it was! Am glad that all's been fixed and the dust settling down.

These three weeks have given me enough enlightment interms of responsiveness and the
Techie nitty gritties running a IT/Systems Dept.

inspite of all the quamls, i have to say I really loved the flow of adrenaline after a long time.

Thats about the office front!

Otherwise things are moving pretty good by god's grace and am awaiting eagerly to Jan 07,
for two Major Releases.

#1. My Junior (Exactly on my 30th year eve!)
#2. Release of Maya!