Thursday, February 08, 2007

ABN (Pain in the ***) Net Banking!

Stupid...F***ING Net Banking Online!!

Reasons enough not to use this facility from ABN!

# Options doesn't work properly

# Takes ages to Load

# Moving from one option to other is a real Pain in the ***.

# Annoying change password screen while switching between options

# Stupid Stupid User Interface

# Statement Downloads is a Nightmare

# On top of all this, the account gets disabled if not used for a month or so!

Soooooooooo very Ameturish!

Doesn't make me feel any safe while doing transctions via ABN netbanking.


Citibank's net banking is far far better!


kskuppu said...

Pls reduce ur anger level.
I too have experienced the same problem
when i was in a urgent to transfer the money.
But sir, nothing can be perfect.
Leave these thing sir..

Then How is ur Junior ? Did u visited him