Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friendships and fragility...

Are friendships a fragile commodity?

Can and will this be true between friends of 12+ years?

How much damage will a small rift cause?

For one, am already feeling hurt over the happenings... and feel victimised!


Hope, Even this will pass away!


kskuppu said...

There is a melting point for any entity in the universe (or so believe). Friendship is also not an exception to this.

Human relationships are like fire used to give warmness in cool climates. If we go closest to that fire, we will get burns at the same that if we move far away from the fire it would not be useful.

Friendship can also be treated like this Fire with our Modified (corrupted!!!) value-system.

Am i correct ???

odysseus said...

You are precise kuppu.

Human emotions perhaps, are the puniest things that go thru this cycle in the mega scheme of god.

The Value system he put in place for us humans - is absolutely not corrupted, but to be precise is being overruled by the drive of money, materialistic desires and selfishness - of us humans, thanks to his amazing gift of sixth sense being used rather to rationalize their errors than to be in check and contemplate before breaking the code, commiting an error.

Perhaps god wanted us to be like ants, with their steadfast liveliness combined with a sixth sense.

Alas, looks like even god had had his bad days of creation. Hence, here we are - as what we are. ;) In diverse variety all around.

With all the experiences, Life looks like an onion, layer after layer waiting to be peeled, each layer shorter and smaller than the other, just to discover ... nothing!

Btw, the important point is... you end up crying... as you peel the onion layers, but you don't stop until you are done!

Life is like that!