Friday, August 20, 2004


During our 4'0 clock coffee break - walk, we had this discussion about relativity,
which led to einstein and his relativity theory. (which itself was triggered by a chain of totally unrelated thoughts - courtesy : tea, caffine, smoke, girls passing by and our [me and sri] off the beaten path thought process :D )

Unfortunately, my simple demonstration of relativity with sri, (without all the complexities put forward by einstein), back fired on myself - me ending up kicked and beaten. :o(
(Oh don't ask me what i did to Sri, its Relative!!!)

Since and hence we could demonstrate the theory of relativity, without all the
equations and blah blah blah of einstein, we indeed become better instances of
modern day Einsteins. :D :D

well getting back to our story,
the most interesting outcome of all this excercise is ...

Dear Sri = Einstein!!!

ask why???

Sri Plays Violin - So Did Einstein! :D :D


Sriram Ambuga said...

So also Sherlock Holmes :)

Hey thanks Sundar for the compliments. I hope next time you dont drop me from the roof and call yourself Newton :).