Friday, August 27, 2004

Sathya's Marriage

Witnessed a friend ending his bachelorhood and tying the knots.
Oh boy, and what a significance it has!

Was a jubilious moment, feeling happy for sathya...
though it ended up evoking some strong emotions, within myself.

watching the ceremonies at close hand got me off foot, evoking emotions, and the long since buried memoirs!

Glimpses on my own past, swishing past in the mind, in a fleeting moment.... in turn, leaving an effect ... still lingering as i type this!

call me names, but the basic instinct was to retreat from
the scene...
Fear of facing myself / realities? i don't know!
well, am not interested to dig deeper to analyse myself!
nor does it bother me about the coming tmrw.

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions.
The gift of a twin edged sword - of boon and curse???

reminds me that am still a toddler, learning the ways of life - and to face / wield this
twin edged sword and to experience the process itself, not of the
outcomes but of facing / wielding and of handling this gift.