Friday, August 27, 2004

Sathya's Reception...

Yesterday was sathya's reception!

I Made up my mind to attend this marriage, willingly,
which am doing after quite a few years.

it was a nice feeling, to watch a friend get married.
it was also a reunion of sorts, for us friends - venu, anand, kamal and myself.

was meeting kamal after a few years, (yes, a few years!!! just to think about
the days in college, when our daily routine was to gather at his home)

times have changed a lot, and ppl alongwith, especially it has a certain toll on me,
as a person, if not physically (me looks almost the same, i was years back, give and take a few inches of height).

yesterday was sorts of good and sad put together.
good that we friends met and were together for the night, chatting and
watching movies, exchaning stories - pulling legs - while the sad
part was to watch anand, breakdown into tears, turning senti - in a sudden
moment, as we were talking - not that i've seen him even once in tears all thru
the past 10 years.

I Just could visualize and share his anguish, whilst the only thought that was
running in my mind was, "hey look, come to think about realities of life,
(posed optimisms set apart) it had been and still is my prepetual struggle, to
divulge my pains and fears with anybody at all, even for a moment of solace, leading
me at times, to the brink of breaking down but to pull myself back to a
composed calmness and put up a normal face to others, whilst to watch similar
things taking its toll on anand - that for a moment, made him broke down !!" Call, it
c'est la vie and continue, but, had never expected that with anand!

The most hard working and deserving of all of us friends, still suffering.
sad but true.
a brave soul shouldering the burdens of his family, the "responsible" man - since
he was 18, and always with a smile on his face - sacrificing his time and pleasures of youth along with the small joys of life on the hard grounds of reality = "His Realities".

"There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will"
- so said shakespeare.

well, we did cheer him up and that was a whole different excersie ;o)

a memorable day, in its own ways!