Friday, August 20, 2004

How would you import a DLL written in Delphi to VC++?

Our Sri aka Quixote
(as we are going to find more and more sightings of this name /
character, let me coin an appropriate Nick.... mmmmm : Quixote [Don] is what crosses my mind immediately, but anyways, am going to get booted up once he gets to read this! :D)

  • A. Try to do things in the simple way as done in Delphi

  • B. Oops!!! That Failed! Arrrgh. Missing Something.

  • C. Google

  • D. Aha, Found the culprit! Whoosh, in my good heavens! How many Steps to be followed for a simple thing. :o(

  • E. Yikes!!! i hate this - VC++ is a pain in the butt - first, generate a static Lib for the Dll and a Def file and a Header file and .... AAAAAARGGGGGH. [And that beats the whole purpose of a DLL, if it has to be compiled static!!!]

  • F. Argue with me on using static libs against loading it dynamically!

  • G. Proceed with creating Static Libs, Defs, more Googling and more ARRRRGHS [Never listens to elders! ;o) ]

  • H. Finally, get back to use Dynamic Load Library!

  • I. Sheesh!!!!

  • J. Oh No. Another bottleneck. Braces this time. VC++ Compiler gets confused if i don't dress up the typedef for a function pointer with proper braces. What a Dumb Compiler.

  • K. At last, its working.

  • L. Nothing like Delphi :D - PEACE!

    Sriram Ambuga said...

    What to do ... Our man Sundar a k a Sancho Panza was busy washing Dapple :)..